Amazon Suspended – How to get back?

Did Amazon suspend your account? I have been there. It’s the worst thing that ever happened to me. I was under so much stress that I even had to take antidepressant drugs.

There are thousands of people out there who have lost their Amazon seller accounts over the last couple of months. You are certainly not alone.

I tried everything to open a new Amazon account. However, every single time my new account was banned again within 1 or 2 days.

I am really glad I found this guide written by Bergmann. If you are seriously looking for a way on how to set up a new account in an ethical and legal way, you should check out this Beat Amazon Suspension guide.

Do not underestimate Amazon. If you think that you can easily create accounts without them tracing you, you’re probably wrong! Here’s the thing: whether you like it or not, you are leaving your so-called footprint every time you log on to the internet. These footprints of yours are then traced by the companies who want to track you down. It’s very easy for them to do that.

Peter Bergmann has a very clear understanding of the sneaky methods that Amazon applies to suspend new accounts. Actually, what Amazon usually does is use your old account to trace your new account. You will get all the information and help you need on creating new Amazon Seller accounts and avoid being tracked down.

Bergmann also gave me personal support via email, as I am not that good with computers. It never took him longer than 12 hours to reply to my emails.

I have been back selling on Amazon for more than 3 months now and I am very thankful to have my business back. I kept a copy of Bergmann’s Amazon Suspension report on my computer; I also opened a second Amazon emergency backup account so that the next time Amazon decide to suspend my account for no reason, I am prepared.

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Why Amazon Removed Your Selling Privileges

Amazon might seem like a money making machine for some people and this is actually not entirely wrong. For many people it does proven to be true, but some others are not so lucky.


A lot of new sellers in Amazon begin with a little too much optimism and aggressivity, but this kind of approach often leads to a disaster rather than success. If you don’t do things carefully, last thing you know you get a suspended. Continue reading Why Amazon Removed Your Selling Privileges

Effects of Ban from Amazon

As a freshman from college, getting a job was a bit hard. The irregular jobs I got never matched my expectations. It is at this time that I decided to think of an alternate to getting money.


Looking at the prevailing technological advancement, I decided to start selling products online. I chose Amazon as my online selling website. The good reputation that this online company had is what got me to open an account with them.

The Nature of my Business Continue reading Effects of Ban from Amazon

How To Succeed As A Seller On Amazon

Selling on Amazon can be exciting and rewarding given that most of the factors have already been taken into account all that you have to do is to set up your seller account which is all easy, then you create your listing, put up the items you want to sell and categorize them accordingly, once your products are  up you can sit back and wait for your sales to come in. 


It seems easy and flowing and saves one a lot of hassle that comes with setting your own e-commerce store online where you can do the sales. Continue reading How To Succeed As A Seller On Amazon

Tips on How to avoid Amazon Account Suspension or Ban

Amazon is one place that people are making a lot of money by selling products to other people. It is a platform that helps the buyers to meet the sellers and vice versa.


There are quite a number of success stories out there that many people have shared about how the platform has helped them. However, we have others who think it is the worst platform since they got all their accounts suspended or banned. How do you avoid getting into such situations?

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Why Does Amazon Treat Sellers Like Dirt?

After leaving college I had a tough time finding a job. I was doing Master’s in Philosophy and could have easily got a job in any college, but I was not willing to do it. I was not excited by the thought of going to a college every day and teaching a bunch of uninterested students.


So, I left college in between. I just roamed around the city trying to find something interesting. With time, the money I had started depleting and I had to take loans. Continue reading Why Does Amazon Treat Sellers Like Dirt?