Amazon Suspended – How to get back?

Did Amazon suspend your account? I have been there. It’s the worst thing that ever happened to me. I was under so much stress that I even had to take antidepressant drugs.

There are thousands of people out there who have lost their Amazon seller accounts over the last couple of months. You are certainly not alone.

I tried everything to open a new Amazon account. However, every single time my new account was banned again within 1 or 2 days.

I am really glad I found this guide written by Bergmann. If you are seriously looking for a way on how to set up a new account in an ethical and legal way, you should check out this Beat Amazon Suspension guide.

Do not underestimate Amazon. If you think that you can easily create accounts without them tracing you, you’re probably wrong! Here’s the thing: whether you like it or not, you are leaving your so-called footprint every time you log on to the internet. These footprints of yours are then traced by the companies who want to track you down. It’s very easy for them to do that.

Peter Bergmann has a very clear understanding of the sneaky methods that Amazon applies to suspend new accounts. Actually, what Amazon usually does is use your old account to trace your new account. You will get all the information and help you need on creating new Amazon Seller accounts and avoid being tracked down.

Bergmann also gave me personal support via email, as I am not that good with computers. It never took him longer than 12 hours to reply to my emails.

I have been back selling on Amazon for more than 3 months now and I am very thankful to have my business back. I kept a copy of Bergmann’s Amazon Suspension report on my computer; I also opened a second Amazon emergency backup account so that the next time Amazon decide to suspend my account for no reason, I am prepared.

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How The Suspension Of My Account Amazon Changed My Life

Even before e-commerce and online marketing became popular just like today, I was already reaping the benefits of online selling through Amazon.


When I first heard about this auction and selling website, I got interested immediately so I browsed through the website to learn how it works. At that time I was enjoying a good salary as a manager in a marketing firm. But since I wanted to make extra profit with lesser work stress, I have signed up an account with Amazon and started earning a few extra dollars. My Amazon store grew and went from hundreds to thousands of dollars in monthly income. I was enjoying a fruitful 9 years of business partnership with the site until my account’s Amazon Suspension last month.

Yes you have read it right, after 9 years of being one of the best, highly-rated, and rule-abiding sellers, I ended up having a suspended account for no clear or at least a justifiable reason. Now my life is in a complete financial chaos. I don’t know how to start again. My story should serve as a warning to those who are aspiring to depend on their online income. You should always have a backup financial plan especially if you are to become an Amazon seller and get Amazon suspended for your account.

Here’s my story. Nine years ago I started selling few bottles of supplements on Amazon. When I received my first sale and profit of $4.50, I was very happy and got excited. During the first few months of selling on Amazon, I was earning somewhere between $150 and $450 a month (not really bad considering that it was just my side income that time). After a year or two, my product line expanded and my monthly earnings have started to grow. There came a point that my monthly Amazon earning already rivaled or surpassed my regular salary as a marketing manager. Although it’s a hard and risky decision, I opted to quit my day job and just focus on my online business.

I think that I was lucky because supplements have continued to become popular. I also know that a lot of people from different countries don’t have access to the supplements produced here in the United States. The peak of my Amazon store’s income was achieved last year. I was enjoying a good business life until my worst nightmare came on a Monday morning last month.

I received an email citing that I could no longer be allowed to sell on Amazon because of Amazon suspension. I was shocked and surprised. After 9 years of maintaining a good record and ratings which is 100%, serving more than 10,000 orders from clients, and giving Amazon their very huge commission of my hard-earned income, this is what I get, account suspension.

I was angry and called Amazon to ask what has happened to my account. The representative checked my details and told me that I could no longer sell because of a suspected trend in my account. What? I got a very vague reason. I didn’t know what I have done wrong. It might be because some of the buyers have created FAKE tickets just to enjoy my products and still get their money back. But up to today, I still have no clue.

My prosperous months enjoying up to $5,000 a month is now all gone. It’s also harder for me to get a job especially today that the country is experiencing economic problems.

Interview With An Amazon Ban Victim

Diana used to sell on the Amazon market place more than 10 years until out of the blue she got hit by a suspension. Here suspension case is kind of unique as she was not told for what she got banned.


Since she had been suspended she is suffering from depression, insomnia and high blood pressure.

Martin: Hi, Diana, nice to meet you. Do you already start to feel better after the big shock when you got banned from Amazon?

Diana: I am still in shock, I saw a doctor, who prescribed me with a lot pills. I see they help a little, however, they only fight the symptoms and don’t address my real issue. I lost everything I ever worked for. I lost my business. I am running low on money, as all my cash is tied up in the inventory. As I am banned I have no chance to sell it.

Martin: Did you try any alternative sites such as eBay or even your website?

Diana: I tried to sell on my on website but I did not work out, I just paid way to much for AdWords and Yahoo Ads. I actually lost a lot of money. Even optimizing my keywords did not help me. I also tried eBay, again the issue is the fees are insane if you calculate how much sellers loose with items that did not sell. Before I tried eBay I thought Amazon fees are high, I was really shocked when I got my eBay invoice, I got a real bill shock.

Martin: Did you ever try to open a new Amazon account?

Diana: Yes I tried like almost 10 times, but they always suspended my account so fast. I have no idea how they do it, but they must use very sophisticated methods to track and link accounts.

Martin: May I ask what you were selling on Amazon:

Diana: I was importing no name tablets from China, and sold them on on Amazon for a decent profit. I have some reliable contacts in Shenzen who always deliver amazing products for a real cheap price. You can check my feedback on Amazon, my customers were really happy with the goods the bought from me.

Martin: If you take a step back is there anything that comes up in your mind that might have triggered your suspension?

Diana: I spend hours and hours thinking what went wrong, but I have really no idea. Amazon is also refusing to tell me why I got banned for life to sell on Amazon. They always refer to there Terms and Conditions, but its like finding a needle a haystack, without knowing what the needle looks like…

Martin: I get your point, that really sucks big time. Thank you for taking the time talking with me and answering all my questions concerning your Amazon Suspension.

Diana: It was my pleasure as well.

My Amazon Experience

It is an old saying that it is always easy to buy than to sell and that is very true.

In early 2012, I bought HP Compaq nc6220 laptop to use as my second PC. It was my best companion when I used to travel. It had a gorgeous screen and a stylish design. Then I decided to sell it on Amazon which was not a new thing to me as I was in the business of selling laptops on Amazon for quite some time and I wanted to try out a new model. So then I listed my laptop on Amazon on December 5, thinking it would catch the interest of holiday shoppers. I put a reserve price on the laptop as well as offered the “Buy It Now” option.


One week later, as the auction ended, the reserve price was met and the laptop sold. I boxed up the laptop, considering it a done deal. But two hours later, I received a message from Amazon, informing me the listing had been “cancelled due to bidding activity that took place without the account owner’s authorization.”

And then Amazon wiped out the listing. It was as if it had never existed. Worse, Amazon informed me of the following: “Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to automatically re-list these items for you. Instead, to re-list these items you will need to start from the beginning of the listing process. We know that this is an inconvenience and we apologize for the negative impact it may cause you. We are working on tools to allow you to re-list your items without starting from the beginning, but they are not available at this time.”

In a simple language, if I want to re-list my laptop on Amazon, I had to start from beginning again.

amazonWhen I asked Amazon about this, a spokesperson responded in e-mail: “The current process where we cancel the listing is optimized around immediately refunding the seller’s full fees (listing fee and final value fee). We realize that this solution can also have its drawbacks–specifically the inconvenience to the seller of having their listing removed and also the inability to offer Second Chance Offers to any under bidders, which is way Amazon is always looking for ways to improve its services to its users.”

A few days after the laptop’s second listing appeared, someone from Thailand contacted me by email and asked if I would ship to Thailand. I agreed to sell him. Minutes later, the man from Thailand used the “Buy It Now” option to procure my laptop and pay me via PayPal. He was in a urge to ship him as soon as possible. At 2:19 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time), I received an e-mail from PayPal that the funds were in my account. So I labeled the box containing the laptop and moved to post office. After returning home around 5 pm, I ot an email from PayPal saying that I “may have received an unauthorized payment.. .We have placed a temporary hold on the funds until the investigation is complete.

It took me 30 minutes to arrive at post office but all my efforts went in vain as my laptop was already on its way to the person in Thailand and for a moment I thought this is not true at all until I realized that it was my worst nightmare that had actually happened with me.


Up to date I have sold countless items on Amazon majority of which included laptops and never experienced fraud like this before. And as an Amazon buyer, I’ve never received anything that wasn’t what I had expected.

And I have some valuable experience to share with you. The first thing is always trust your instincts. Second always be patient and wait for twenty four hours after you receive payment before you ship your commodity specifically for higher priced items like laptop which was in my case.


How Amazon Almost Destroyed My Life

I started selling on Amazon 8 years ago, I was still at studying and the money I earned from my Amazon business back then helped me to pay for University.


My business was simple. I imported Havaianas Flip Flops from Brazil and sold them in the UK and US. Profit margin was really good. First year I sold 200 pairs. Within 3 years I managed to sell 19000 pairs a year. Continue reading

How my online Amazon business disappeared overnight

I happened to hear many times, during my experience as an entrepreneur on Amazon; people ask me how do you earn money online? Can anyone earn money online? Where do we start? I was so confident at the time;

amazon-banned I was earning a six figure salary on Amazon. I had one day stumbled upon an article that showed how to earn money using Amazon. I had perfected my techniques. I was brokering Items on Amazon. It was all down to volume. When people would ask me questions what I was doing and how, I would speak, referring to my experience, what I think are some of the essential requirements for those who are willing to build a prosperous and long lasting business on Amazon. I would advise people that I did not have a magic wand and find the right solution for everyone, but I thought my advice was extremely useful, and probably helped many make money online. Continue reading

Why Does Amazon Ban Associates?

Amazon is the most successful eCommerce company ever. It is the world’s leading online retailer. first introduced as an online bookstore, but soon starts to sell video games, apparel, furniture, toys, and jewelry etc.

amzAmazon establishes as a company in July 1994, and the site went online as “” in year 1995. The company was renamed after the river Amazon, one of the largest rivers in the world, which in turn named as the Amazons, the legendary nation of women warriors in Greek mythology.

Huge sellers complain that they’ve been badly booted off Amazon because they’ve become victim to the “law of negative averages” in which a little number of negative commentaries can, if they outnumber assenting feedback, result in a negative feedback score. Continue reading

Amazon Suspension

Amazon was founded in 1994, now it’s a multimillion dollar business operating in more that 30 countries. Amazon is an American based corporation whose headquarters is located in San Jose, California. amazon an online auction and shopping website where people can buy and sell a huge variety of goods and services from all over the world is managed by this company.

When you start your online business with Amazon you should make sure that you have a sound knowledge of online trading and big dreams so that you can earn more and more. No one expects the feel of horror about email telling you that your precious Amazon account has been suspended; it is really a disastrous moment for those who rely on Amazon for their living.

There may be several reasons for suspension of your Amazon account; one could be that you breached Amazon rules or policies. Trading of stolen or restricted goods and items may lead to the suspension of your Amazon account. So before you start working on Amazon please read all rules and policies and a list of items that are prohibited to display or sell on Amazon. Continue reading

Why does Amazon suspend accounts?

Everyday thousands of Amazon sellers get their account disabled. In most cases sellers are not given any warning or reason why their account had been banned. Normally no humans are involved in deciding which accounts are disabled.

Amazon uses a very sophisticated algorithm to decide on a daily bases which seller accounts are being banned for good.

  • If Amazon feels that your feedback score is to low for an extended period of time, your account will be automatically banned.
  • Customer complaints or chargeback’s is another leading reason why so many sellers lose the privilege selling on the Amazon platform. Continue reading

How I lost My Business

About four years ago I decided to sing up to Amazon and start selling small-size telephone accessories. I bought in large numbers cell phone accessorizes from China and sold them on Amazon for a profit.

Let’s just say that after a little bit of financial investment on my behalf, things quickly picked up and the business was going well. Until one day, when my Amazon account was suspended with absolutely no explanation at all.


Initially, I thought there was a mistake and I was just having problems singing in to my account properly. I tried to think of every possible thing that could have happen until I finally realized my Amazon account got suspended.

As every Amazon user knows, there are basically two main reasons why you can get an Amazon suspension. These two are the very simple to understand to many negative feedback’s and the very vague, very narrowly explained violation of their rules and policies. Continue reading