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Amazon Suspended – How to get back?

Did Amazon suspend your account? I have been there. It’s the worst thing that ever happened to me. I was under so much stress that I even had to take antidepressant drugs.

There are thousands of people out there who have lost their Amazon seller accounts over the last couple of months. You are certainly not alone.

I tried everything to open a new Amazon account. However, every single time my new account was banned again within 1 or 2 days.

I am really glad I found this guide written by Bergmann. If you are seriously looking for a way on how to set up a new account in an ethical and legal way, you should check out this Beat Amazon Suspension guide.

Do not underestimate Amazon. If you think that you can easily create accounts without them tracing you, you’re probably wrong! Here’s the thing: whether you like it or not, you are leaving your so-called footprint every time you log on to the internet. These footprints of yours are then traced by the companies who want to track you down. It’s very easy for them to do that.

Peter Bergmann has a very clear understanding of the sneaky methods that Amazon applies to suspend new accounts. Actually, what Amazon usually does is use your old account to trace your new account. You will get all the information and help you need on creating new Amazon Seller accounts and avoid being tracked down.

Bergmann also gave me personal support via email, as I am not that good with computers. It never took him longer than 12 hours to reply to my emails.

I have been back selling on Amazon for more than 3 months now and I am very thankful to have my business back. I kept a copy of Bergmann’s Amazon Suspension report on my computer; I also opened a second Amazon emergency backup account so that the next time Amazon decide to suspend my account for no reason, I am prepared.

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Amazon Account Suspended For Inauthentic Goods

I started selling on Amazon last year. On the 21st of July I received an email saying that my Amazon account had been suspended because of inauthentic items.

I was under so much stress it really freaked me out. I did some online research and I found that many other people had their accounts suspended for the exact same reason. Continue reading Amazon Account Suspended For Inauthentic Goods

How Amazon Destroyed My OEM Accessories Business By Suspending My Account

I used to import branded OEM products from China and sold them in the US, UK, and German markets. My best-selling items where iPhone accessories, such as silicone covers, travel chargers, etc.

One morning I woke up and as usual the first thing I did was to check my email to see how my sales were last night. I discovered an email from Amazon saying that they have decided to suspend my account. First, I thought it might be some kind of phishing email. I used to receive those scams in the past where they try to send you to a fake website to enter your Amazon username and password so that they can hack your account. Continue reading How Amazon Destroyed My OEM Accessories Business By Suspending My Account

Amazon Account Suspended After Buyer (Falsely) Claims Item Inauthentic

The terms counterfeit and inauthentic goods are often used interchangeably in our day to day lives.


The truth, however, is that there is a big difference between the two terms. According to Amazon, a counterfeit product is a fake, simply put. An inauthentic product, on the other hand, is one that has been purchased from questionable sources. However, in both cases, Amazon can suspend or ban your seller account. Continue reading Amazon Account Suspended After Buyer (Falsely) Claims Item Inauthentic

How Bruce O’Donnell Got His Amazon Account Suspended

Bruce O’Donnell has purchased hundreds of products over the last years from Amazon. But when he returned 37 items from his total purchased 343 items then Amazon suspended his account without any delay.


Amazon also told Bruce O’Donnell that he won’t be able to redeem the gift card balance as well that he had in his account. Continue reading How Bruce O’Donnell Got His Amazon Account Suspended

Amazon Buyer Account Suspended Because Of Returns

I have been shopping at for a long time and I did most of my online shopping there.


However, I have found that I need to return some items severally thus getting myself into trouble of finding myself been barred from shopping at Amazon. I had made a routine of returning items that I bought and found out that I cant use them satisfactorily. Out of the 345 items that I had purchased, I returned 38 of them and my return rate was growing beyond 11% . I did it because these items had some shortcomings in their descriptions and others were damaged. Continue reading Amazon Buyer Account Suspended Because Of Returns

How I Lost My Amazon Business

I was just starting out, I had only sold for about 10 months before the nightmare started and I was suspended from from selling on Amazon indefinitely.


I had around 800 successful  transactions in my niche of selling music records (which I was really good at). I had some competitors doing “fake” purchases and making unjustifiable claims that my goods were damaged or never arrived. It did not take long until Amazon removed all my selling privileges and suspended my account. Continue reading How I Lost My Amazon Business

How Amazon Almost Destroyed My Life

I started selling on Amazon 8 years ago, I was still at studying and the money I earned from my Amazon business back then helped me to pay for University.


My business was simple. I imported Havaianas Flip Flops from Brazil and sold them in the UK and US. Profit margin was really good. First year I sold 200 pairs. Within 3 years I managed to sell 19000 pairs a year. Continue reading How Amazon Almost Destroyed My Life

How my online Amazon business disappeared overnight

I happened to hear many times, during my experience as an entrepreneur on Amazon; people ask me how do you earn money online? Can anyone earn money online? Where do we start? I was so confident at the time;

amazon-banned I was earning a six figure salary on Amazon. I had one day stumbled upon an article that showed how to earn money using Amazon. I had perfected my techniques. I was brokering Items on Amazon. It was all down to volume. When people would ask me questions what I was doing and how, I would speak, referring to my experience, what I think are some of the essential requirements for those who are willing to build a prosperous and long lasting business on Amazon. I would advise people that I did not have a magic wand and find the right solution for everyone, but I thought my advice was extremely useful, and probably helped many make money online. Continue reading How my online Amazon business disappeared overnight

Amazon Suspension

Amazon was founded in 1994, now it’s a multimillion dollar business operating inamazonmore that 30 countries. Amazon is an American based corporation whose headquarters is located in San Jose, California. an online auction and shopping website where people can buy and sell a huge variety of goods and services from all over the world is managed by this company.

When you start your online business with Amazon you should make sure that you have a sound knowledge of online trading and big dreams so that you can earn more and more. No one expects the feel of horror about email telling you that your precious Amazon account has been suspended; it is really a disastrous moment for those who rely on Amazon for their living.

There may be several reasons for suspension of your Amazon account; one could be that you breached Amazon rules or policies. Trading of stolen or restricted goods and items may lead to the suspension of your Amazon account. So before you start working on Amazon please read all rules and policies and a list of items that are prohibited to display or sell on Amazon. Continue reading Amazon Suspension

Why does Amazon suspend accounts?

Everyday thousands of Amazon sellers get their account disabled. In most cases sellers are not given any warning or reason why their account had been banned. Normally no humans are involved in deciding which accounts are disabled.

Amazon uses a very sophisticated algorithm to decide on a daily bases which seller accounts are being banned for good.

Amazon destroyed my Business

Everybody knows that Amazon is the center for online trade – in fact, more of the world’s internet commerce goes through Amazon than any other single website – and that accounts for a lot of money.

For thousands of people around the world Amazon is a source of full or part-time income, and a vital part of their money-making career which they could not live without.

With such a crucial role in the online economy, Amazon has become one of the largest and most-trusted institutions of the internet age, and the ultimate beacon of online trade and commerce. But how would you feel if suddenly one day your Amazon account was suspended? Picture it: one minute you are happily trading and racking up profits, and the next your account is blocked and your personal details blacklisted, leaving you out on a limb and financially insecure?
It is a more common scenario than you might think. The internet is full of stories from disgruntled traders who have had their Amazon account suspended by the website’s staff. This article will explore in depth the is to issue of suspended Amazon accounts, and answer some frequently asked questions about suspended Amazon accounts, including what happens if your Amazon account is suspended, why your Amazon account can get suspended, and the most common question of all, “how can I get my suspended Amazon account back?!” Continue reading Amazon destroyed my Business

How Not To Get Suspended From Amazom

Amazon is a great way to earn money. Thousands and thousands of online traders are earning thousandevery day. Isn’t it interesting? You are earning in the comfort of your home. But on the contrary, if we are not careful, accounts can be suspended. This is serious problem and everyone can be a victim. Here are some tips to be followed to avoid suspension.

1.   Follow the rules and regulation

Rules and regulations are meant to be followed. Companies and businesses make their rules and policies that are strictly followed to help attain the goal and objectives. This is also the aim of Amazon, to be successful and to maintain its quality they expects everyone trading in the business to be attentive and observant with their policies. First thing to do is before you start selling read and understand everything what the regulations page say. It is best way to avoid being suspended. Ensure you are clear as far as Amazon’s rules and regulations. Usually it is a violation of one or more of the critical rules and regulations that gets one suspended from Amazon. Continue reading How Not To Get Suspended From Amazom