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How To Succeed As A Seller On Amazon

Selling on Amazon can be exciting and rewarding given that most of the factors have already been taken into account all that you have to do is to set up your seller account which is all easy, then you create your listing, put up the items you want to sell and categorize them accordingly, once your products are  up you can sit back and wait for your sales to come in. 


It seems easy and flowing and saves one a lot of hassle that comes with setting your own e-commerce store online where you can do the sales. Continue reading How To Succeed As A Seller On Amazon


Interview With An Amazon Ban Victim

Diana used to sell on the Amazon market place more than 10 years until out of the blue she got hit by a suspension. Here suspension case is kind of unique as she was not told for what she got banned.


Since she had been suspended she is suffering from depression, insomnia and high blood pressure.

Martin: Hi, Diana, nice to meet you. Do you already start to feel better after the big shock when you got banned from Amazon? Continue reading Interview With An Amazon Ban Victim

My Amazon Ban Nightmare

The fact is that I have been a successful Amazon seller for many years now.  Originally, selling on Amazon started out as a part hobby that would bring a few extra dollars each month and it would not take up very much time at all. 

The funny thing was that while there was not a yearly pay raise at my day job, my Amazon sales were constantly on the rise; it reached a point where it felt like there was as much time spent on my part time job as was spent on the day job.  Not to mention selling through Amazon was starting to make more money than the eight hour shift. Continue reading My Amazon Ban Nightmare

My Amazon Seller “Experience”

I am a long time seller on Amazon. It took me years build this business around Amazon. Yesterday, I got suspended from Amazon for without any warning beforehand.

I tried to talk with somebody at Amazon to convince them to reinstate my account. However, the issue is nobody wants to listen to my story.

I have to reverse the Amazon suspension; otherwise I am in big trouble. I have a very large inventory with all my goods I am selling, where most of my “cash” is locked. I need the cash flow to pay for my credit cards, rent and debts. Continue reading My Amazon Seller “Experience”