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Why Does Amazon Ban Associates?

Amazon is the most successful eCommerce company ever. It is the world’s leading online retailer. first introduced as an online bookstore, but soon starts to sell video games, apparel, furniture, toys, and jewelry etc.

amzAmazon establishes as a company in July 1994, and the site went online as “” in year 1995. The company was renamed after the river Amazon, one of the largest rivers in the world, which in turn named as the Amazons, the legendary nation of women warriors in Greek mythology.

Huge sellers complain that they’ve been badly booted off Amazon because they’ve become victim to the “law of negative averages” in which a little number of negative commentaries can, if they outnumber assenting feedback, result in a negative feedback score. Continue reading Why Does Amazon Ban Associates?

Amazon Experience

I have been selling on Amazon for very long time. I established my online business from scratch. Through my hard work and efforts my business on Amazon really started to make money.

My niche used to be electronic accessories I imported from China. First I only sold to small and medium sized shops.

When I saw my business is expanding I decided to start to sell online. But first I had no clue how to sell on the internet.  I did lot research and I also bought some books on how to make money online. Continue reading Amazon Experience