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Why Amazon Removed Your Selling Privileges

Amazon might seem like a money making machine for some people and this is actually not entirely wrong. For many people it does proven to be true, but some others are not so lucky.


A lot of new sellers in Amazon begin with a little too much optimism and aggressivity, but this kind of approach often leads to a disaster rather than success. If you don’t do things carefully, last thing you know you get a suspended. Continue reading Why Amazon Removed Your Selling Privileges


Effects of Ban from Amazon

As a freshman from college, getting a job was a bit hard. The irregular jobs I got never matched my expectations. It is at this time that I decided to think of an alternate to getting money.


Looking at the prevailing technological advancement, I decided to start selling products online. I chose Amazon as my online selling website. The good reputation that this online company had is what got me to open an account with them.

The Nature of my Business Continue reading Effects of Ban from Amazon

How To Succeed As A Seller On Amazon

Selling on Amazon can be exciting and rewarding given that most of the factors have already been taken into account all that you have to do is to set up your seller account which is all easy, then you create your listing, put up the items you want to sell and categorize them accordingly, once your products are  up you can sit back and wait for your sales to come in. 


It seems easy and flowing and saves one a lot of hassle that comes with setting your own e-commerce store online where you can do the sales. Continue reading How To Succeed As A Seller On Amazon

How Amazon Destroyed My Online Business

Amazon is the world’s biggest online marketplace where you can sell or buy almost anything that comes to your mind. How does Amazon work?


If you are thinking about selling products on Amazon, especially arts and crafts from Asia than you have to do a lot of research to make sure that you are not violating any rules and policies set by Amazon. Continue reading How Amazon Destroyed My Online Business

Amazon Seller Nightmare

I was on top of my yoga mat at 3:30pm on a Saturday. I had just finished my warrior 3 pose going into a downward dog almost ready to finish my yoga session. It had been a stressful week but it would all improve after I finish my last pose.


As I was rolling up my mat started to tear. Not a slight rip either. It completely tore in half. Not a great start to my Saturday. So in my search for a new mat I checked the usual websites and found Amazon to be the best bet. The way I see it, a lot of people start a fitness regimen only to give up on it too quickly. This leads to them dumping their exercise equipment like yesterday’s trash. And that means a great bargain out there for me. Continue reading Amazon Seller Nightmare

How The Suspension Of My Account Amazon Changed My Life

Even before e-commerce and online marketing became popular just like today, I was already reaping the benefits of online selling through Amazon.


When I first heard about this auction and selling website, I got interested immediately so I browsed through the website to learn how it works. At that time I was enjoying a good salary as a manager in a marketing firm. But since I wanted to make extra profit with lesser work stress, I have signed up an account with Amazon and started earning a few extra dollars. My Amazon store grew and went from hundreds to thousands of dollars in monthly income. I was enjoying a fruitful 9 years of business partnership with the site until my account’s Amazon Suspension last month. Continue reading How The Suspension Of My Account Amazon Changed My Life

My Amazon Experience

It is an old saying that it is always easy to buy than to sell and that is very true.

In early 2012, I bought HP Compaq nc6220 laptop to use as my second PC. It was my best companion when I used to travel. It had a gorgeous screen and a stylish design. Then I decided to sell it on Amazon which was not a new thing to me as I was in the business of selling laptops on Amazon for quite some time and I wanted to try out a new model. So then I listed my laptop on Amazon on December 5, thinking it would catch the interest of holiday shoppers. I put a reserve price on the laptop as well as offered the “Buy It Now” option.


One week later, as the auction ended, the reserve price was met and the laptop sold. I boxed up the laptop, considering it a done deal. But two hours later, I received a message from Amazon, informing me the listing had been “cancelled due to bidding activity that took place without the account owner’s authorization.” Continue reading My Amazon Experience

How I lost My Business

About four years ago I decided to sing up to Amazon and start selling small-size telephone accessories. I bought in large numbers cell phone accessorizes from China and sold them on Amazon for a profit.

Let’s just say that after a little bit of financial investment on my behalf, things quickly picked up and the business was going well. Until one day, when my Amazon account was suspended with absolutely no explanation at all.


Initially, I thought there was a mistake and I was just having problems singing in to my account properly. I tried to think of every possible thing that could have happen until I finally realized my Amazon account got suspended.

As every Amazon user knows, there are basically two main reasons why you can get an Amazon suspension. These two are the very simple to understand to many negative feedback’s and the very vague, very narrowly explained violation of their rules and policies. Continue reading How I lost My Business

Shocking Interview with an Amazon Employee

In order to protect the identity of the interviewee, we changed his name. David started working at the Amazon head quarter back in 2006. He was hired as a customer service guy dealing with angry customers.

2008 he moved to Amazon seller compliance and risk assessment unit, monitoring the performance of merchants participating in the Amazon marketplace.

We met David, in a local Starbucks in Terry Avenue North Seattle on the 11th of October 2012. Continue reading Shocking Interview with an Amazon Employee

Amazon Seller Ban

I created an account with Amazon some years back to make purchases here and there, nothing too dramatic. A few years ago, I started getting into buying and selling rare antiques because my aunt owns a shop and I wanted to increase her yearly revenue.

She agreed to pay me a percentage of the sales for my work so I started categorizing and listing items from her store on She has a substantial collection that she has grown over many years and I would list items here and there. After a little time, things were going very well and we started to make substantial money. In fact, the business grew to be so profitable that I resigned from my full time job and began selling items on as my only source of income. Continue reading Amazon Seller Ban