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Amazon Blocked?

Are you tired of getting blocked notices frequently in Amazon, it might be because of some simple mistakes that you left unnoticed or which you think Amazon will not check when you make every new account.

This article will help you realize 3 of those common mistakes made frequently and avoid them in your future.

Every time our accounts get blocked, we automatically think that creating a new account is the only solution not understanding that it can be blocked again if we remain unconscious with some important things that is vital in ensuring smooth relationship between two parties.

Members who are suspended by Amazon are blocked for specific reasons, almost always either because of rule violations or because of failures to pay for completed auctions or to deliver goods for which other members have paid and selling in illegal ways. Amazon wants to determine who is allowed to trade there and who is not so they are cautious. They won’t have second thought suspending thousands of accounts if they keep on violating certain policies. Continue reading Amazon Blocked?