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Amazon destroyed my Business

Everybody knows that Amazon is the center for online trade – in fact, more of the world’s internet commerce goes through Amazon than any other single website – and that accounts for a lot of money.

For thousands of people around the world Amazon is a source of full or part-time income, and a vital part of their money-making career which they could not live without.

With such a crucial role in the online economy, Amazon has become one of the largest and most-trusted institutions of the internet age, and the ultimate beacon of online trade and commerce. But how would you feel if suddenly one day your Amazon account was suspended? Picture it: one minute you are happily trading and racking up profits, and the next your account is blocked and your personal details blacklisted, leaving you out on a limb and financially insecure?
It is a more common scenario than you might think. The internet is full of stories from disgruntled traders who have had their Amazon account suspended by the website’s staff. This article will explore in depth the is to issue of suspended Amazon accounts, and answer some frequently asked questions about suspended Amazon accounts, including what happens if your Amazon account is suspended, why your Amazon account can get suspended, and the most common question of all, “how can I get my suspended Amazon account back?!” Continue reading Amazon destroyed my Business