Amazon Account Suspended – Because Of Dropshipping

I started to sell on Amazon last year and it became a main source of income, I started very small I just ordered some items on all the Alibaba straight from China and I develop my own brand and sold those items on and

I went from 0 to 10 K a month within 12 weeks. I was able to quit my job working at the Apple store and I felt freedom in the first time in my life. There was no boss that told me what to do, I didn’t need to be at a certain time at a certain place and there were no performance reviews or anything else like that. I sincerely believe I found the easy life.

But all come crashing down when suddenly out of the blue Amazon decided to suspend my seller account. The reason they gave me was an inauthentic good.

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I was confident that everything test must be a huge mistake by Amazon and they will reinstate my account within a couple of hours.

I called Amazon right away to get my account reinstated. I spend around 20 minutes waiting in line until I was able to speak to someone.

I explained my situation to the call center agent working for Amazon and I felt like he cared. He just told me that Amazon believes that those items are fake or inauthentic, and the only way to get back selling would be to provide Amazon with all the invoices from my suppliers.

So I got in contact with my Chinese suppliers and asked them to send me all invoices for the items Amazon flaked as inauthentic.

Within a couple of days, I had everything ready I need to get my Amazon account suspension removed. I was very confident that everything will be sorted out now.

After I sent all the documents to Amazon I waited for two days and I had no reply whatsoever, so I decided to call them again.

This time I spoke with a different call center agent and I directly asked him why does it take so long to process my documents. I also asked why my Amazon seller account is still suspended. He told me with some Filipino accent that they are just having some experts looking at those invoices and they will get back to me within 48 hours. It was so frustrating because I could see there wasn’t anything he could do for me, because he had no power whatsoever to get my Amazon account reinstated.

Again I waited for the Amazon account suspension team to get back to me and this time did came back in the timeframe as promised. I was shocked because they told me that the invoices I sent them were not acceptable

I was deeply shocked because I thought that I lost my Amazon business forever.

I did some research online on Amazon seller accounts suspension cases and on how to get back selling. I came across a book called ‘Beat Amazon Suspension‘. I had my doubts that the manual it would work to get back selling, but I thought I would give it a try anyway. I followed the instructions to the letter in the guide and to my surprise I was able to appeal my account suspension successfully with the Amazon Appeals template and plan of action provided by Peter Bergmann.

I also used the ‘Beat Amazon Suspension‘ manual to open the second back up an account just in case I should have any issues with Amazon in future so I would be able to continue operating my business without any interruptions.

If you are an Amazon account suspension victim as well please leave a comment below and share your story with us.