Amazon Account Suspended For Inauthentic Goods

I started selling on Amazon last year. On the 21st of July I received an email saying that my Amazon account had been suspended because of inauthentic items.

I was under so much stress it really freaked me out. I did some online research and I found that many other people had their accounts suspended for the exact same reason.

All items I sold on Amazon were 100% authentic. Amazon asked me to provide them with some supplier invoices, and I sent them the invoices I received from my drop shipping company. However, Amazon refused to reinstate my account.

The real issue is that over the last few months Amazon had become my main source of income, so I really had to find a way to get back selling there again.

Amazon has treated me extremely unfair by not giving me any warning that I was doing something wrong and by not giving me a chance to learn from my mistakes.

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I even tried to send an email to Jeff Bezos to appeal my suspension, hoping that he might be able to overturn the decision to keep my account banned indefinitely. Unsurprisingly, I never got any reply.

After having appealed my suspension several times without any success, I gave up in getting this account ever reinstated. What drove me really crazy was that I saw other sellers successfully selling the exact same items for which my account had been suspended for.

I just wanted to know what it was that they were doing differently to what I did. After doing some more research online, I found out that some of them seemed to have provided Amazon with certain invoices that confirmed that those products were actually really authentic.

The issue is that because I was drop shipping, I wasn’t able to produce these kinds of documents to get my account unsuspended.

In my desperation, I started to create other Amazon accounts. However, this experience was even more frustrating than appealing my seller suspension because somehow Amazon was able to link my banned account to the new ones.

Amazon seems to use very sophisticated algorithms to link and suspend accounts. I tried to buy a new computer, I changed my Internet service provider, I even tried my wife’s name to open a new account but nothing was working.

After doing some more research online, I found out that Amazon is basically tracking your digital footprint. This seems to be very complex subject and most people are not even aware of the online footprint they leave behind.

I was close to giving up and I had even started looking for temp work when I found this Amazon Suspended Blog that shows different ways on how to get back selling on Amazon.

Did Amazon suspend or ban your account? Leave a comment below and share your story with us.