Amazon alternatives for sellers

After I got banned from Amazon, I did a lot of research on alternative marketplace where I could continue sell and grow my business. It was shocking to discover that there are not to many real alternatives to Amazon and eBay.

Google Shopping
Google has revamped it’s comparison shopping site. The design looks pretty good; However, I honestly doubt that being listed will generate a lot of sales. It is not a place where people go if they want to buy something.
Ubid started out 2 years after eBay, but they never really made it. At the time of writing there were less than 400 listings on that site. Ubid is “in business” since 1997. This site has been live for 15 years. I honestly doubt there are anybody making money on that website.
This site has the same issue as Ubid, lack of traffic.
eBay seems to be the only real alternative to Amazon. However, I always feel kind of ripped off by the amount of fees they are charging. The issue is that sellers loose all the money with unsold listings. With Amazon you only pay any fees if you sell something. eBay in comparison is like a money sucking monster who eats away all your profits.

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Looking at all the alternatives you will soon realize there are no real alternatives to selling on Amazon. If you serious about selling online, you always should be present on different platforms (own website, eBay, Amazon etc.). Even if you found another place outside of Amazon to sell your goods, it would be seriously stupid missing out on all those sales you still could do on Amazon.

If Amazon suspended your account, you will have to get back on Amazon, there is no alternative.