Thompson & Morgan Amazon Appeal Consultancy – Does It Really Work?


I tried to appeal my Amazon seller suspension myself. However, I had not much luck, as Amazon did not even reply to my appeal letter and plan of action.

I realized I need some professional help to get my seller account restored.

I did a lot of research online on how to appeal the suspension and I came across a couple of appeal companies. However, they were charging 500 USD or some even 2000 USD for getting seller accounts restored.

After doing a lot of research, I found one company called Thompson & Morgan, they seem to have a lot of experience as they have been in business since 2009.

There were also a lot cheaper and also had excellent reviews. I asked their customer support why they are a lot cheaper than other appeal consultants. Thompson & Morgan told me because they don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars every day on Google Ads so they can pass the savings on their clients.

I was still skeptical if they really can get my seller account restored because Amazon did not even reply to the appeal I sent them.

However, I thought I will give it a try anyway. First I filled out the free case examination form on their website to find out my chances of having my seller account restored.

After a couple of hours, Thompson & Morgan got back to me of the result, which was encouraging as the chances of having my account restored with their appeal method was good.

After I signed up they provided me with detailed instructions on what they need for my appeal case (original suspension email, policy violation emails, etc).

I provided them with all the information. Thompson & Morgan had my appeal letter ready within 24 hours. The appeal letter was written really well and addressed the reason for my account suspension (inauthentic and IP rights violation).

After I sent Amazon my appeal, I received an email within 2 days that my account had been restored.

I asked Thompson & Morgan why their appeal was so effective, they told me that Amazon is looking in an appeal for certain keywords and also for a strong plan of action. Creating this appeal without a lot of experience can be very hard.

If you need help appealing your Amazon seller suspension, I would definitely recommend the guys over at Thompson & Morgan. They have an excellent track record, years of experience and also offer appeal packages at a reasonable price.

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  1. Nikola says

    Hello, I don’t have access to my account and I don’t know why, I had made an order from America to Ireland using a gift card and changed location to UK and purchased my item using visa and I wouldn’t like to have access to my account to track my packages.

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