Amazon Buyer Account Suspended Because Of Returns

I have been shopping at for a long time and I did most of my online shopping there.


However, I have found that I need to return some items severally thus getting myself into trouble of finding myself been barred from shopping at Amazon. I had made a routine of returning items that I bought and found out that I cant use them satisfactorily. Out of the 345 items that I had purchased, I returned 38 of them and my return rate was growing beyond 11% . I did it because these items had some shortcomings in their descriptions and others were damaged.

If my expectations were not met, what would make me not return the item? Amazon did not allow me to explain anything before the ban. My account has not been re-opened and I lost my gift-card balance as it’s not transferable and has failed to give me a refund of the balance.

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Amazon close accounts that have been detected to have intense abuse and that this can only be done after they do a complete review of the account in question. Amazon’s return policy gives all information about returns and refunds under various classes of goods. However, I found out that it is silent on the number of returns that would make me barred from shopping. Various vendors have complained having suffered about 1.8% loss of income as a result of clients who have been found to overuse return policies. These returns are deemed to come from a small group of customers. There are timelines of returns such as within one year from the date of purchase. Thus, if my item is past the stipulated time, i cannot return it to the seller. The reasons that would make me return an item should be as valid as possible. For instance, I cannot return a backpack after using it for like two years claiming that it is old and does not appeal me anymore.

I found from the MacRumours that there are rising cases and discussions on habitual returners who have been barred. It is still not clear on what proportion of returns would put me at a risk. I have compared my return rate with other shopper’s return rates which seem close to mine and have not earned them a ban yet. I came to learn that there are other people who have had higher return rates. I read about someone who had bought 105 items and had returned 17 of them. This is a rate of 17% and it led to a ban on both his account and his spouse’s account. Afterwards, the client followed up by writing to Amazon and pleaded his case until his account was re-opened.


I have seen many readers on several sites give their experience on the issue of returning items. Various sellers have also talked of how they have had crisis in dealing with the repeat returners. I would suggest that return policies should lay out timelines and consequences of the number of returns made by shoppers.


Amazon Customer Account Closed For Returning Faulty Goods, Loses Access To Remaining Credit Card Balance