Amazon Experience

I have been selling on Amazon for very long time. I established my online business from scratch. Through my hard work and efforts my business on Amazon really started to make money.

My niche used to be electronic accessories I imported from China. First I only sold to small and medium sized shops.

When I saw my business is expanding I decided to start to sell online. But first I had no clue how to sell on the internet.  I did lot research and I also bought some books on how to make money online.

After some research I decided to give it a try. That’s when I came across Amazon. It took a lot of time to add my products and description. I also hired a freelancer to help me with designing my Amazon presents. Basically I invested a lot of money into my new online business in the hope that someday will have a good return on my investment.

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But my hopes never came true, because Amazon suspended my account. My dreams where shattered into pieces. My hope that Amazon would help me to expand my business did not turn out the way I expected.

The money that I had invested just to make my online shop look nice was wasted from nothing. My time and effort was useless.  My business that I started from scratch and I flourish it which where I get my income was all gone.

I’m very disappointed with Amazon and I regret to have wasted my time. They made me also think that maybe to sell online is not a good idea.

Because of them I don’t know where to start again because it is all gone. The dream to sell online was destroyed by Amazon.