Amazon Seller With Many Years of Experience Suspended

I have being a seller on Amazon for so many years with thousands of positive reviews; I have always being doing great with sales because I do know how to market any product I lay my hands on.


Fortunately with my years of being an Amazon seller I haven’t witnessed anything like account suspension so one morning I received a shocking email that my account was suspended from Amazon.

I read through the suspension e-mail, but there was no singular reason as to why my account was suspended. I e-mailed the President of Amazon and then I notified him that I have already been working to get in contact with the Trust & Safety Department for a month and they yet have never replied to my e-mails. He e-mailed me back with a sales agent from the Trust & Safety Department (look at how far I had to go to get somebody to respond to me). This rep mailed me an e-mail stating that I violated Segment 9 of the member agreement.

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The rep sent me this mail: “I evaluated your account and uncovered that your account was removed or suspended under Segment 9 of the Amazon Account holder Agreement. This section states that Amazon may immediately warn, temporarily suspend, indefinitely suspend, or end your account if we believe your actions might cause financial loss or legal liability to you, our users, or us. Upon looking at your own personal feedback together with recent online auctions, I see that a lot of this may be a result of misleading information in your auction listings. I discovered that your online auctions include PP listed being a payment option, yet, in your comments, a lot of members are stating that you do not accept PP. I also encourage you to list shipping price ranges in your current auction listings, to ensure that buyers know what terms they are cooperating to, before they place their bids. Trying to keep your auctions clear and honest will supply obtain you more bidders, and better, safer transactions.


I called the trust and safety department just to get to a solution to this problem, the first time I call at about 8 am a representative answered and told me that I will be able to get my account working back again also observe that as of my next evaluation that was only 2 weeks away I would be again above standard as well as in a month’s time I might possibly be at 100% complete compliance.

Whew. What a relief. I ceased being hysterical and just waited until 10:00 am. When I called back at 10:00 I got a different story from a different agent saying that my account was suspended or deactivated permanently and could not be appealed.

This Is precisely how I lost everything on Amazon after years of hard working trying to develop relationship with customers, gaining sales with lots of positive feedbacks I lost everything immediately my account got suspended on Amazon without a warning.