How I Lost My Amazon Business

I was just starting out, I had only sold for about 10 months before the nightmare started and I was suspended from from selling on Amazon indefinitely. I had around 800 successful  transactions in my niche of selling music records (which I…

Effects of Ban from Amazon

As a freshman from college, getting a job was a bit hard. The irregular jobs I got never matched my expectations. It is at this time that I decided to think of an alternate to getting money. Looking at the prevailing technological…

How Amazon Destroyed My Online Business

Amazon is the world's biggest online marketplace where you can sell or buy almost anything that comes to your mind. How does Amazon work? If you are thinking about selling products on Amazon, especially arts and crafts from Asia than you…

Amazon Seller Nightmare

I was on top of my yoga mat at 3:30pm on a Saturday. I had just finished my warrior 3 pose going into a downward dog almost ready to finish my yoga session. It had been a stressful week but it would all improve after I finish my last pose.…


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