Biggest Amazon Seller Mistakes

Amazon provides a great platform for individuals and businesses to sell their products. Sadly, many sellers leave the site after some time for reasons they could have easily avoided.


Here are eight biggest Amazon seller mistakes and how to avoid them.

  1. Delay in responding to customers’ inquiries

Customer service is a very crucial aspect of Amazon selling. As such, sellers have 24 hours to respond to any customer inquiry regardless of what time of the day it is. If you don’t respond to inquiries fast, it is easy to get bad reviews, and you also risk having your account suspended.

  1. Using poor marketing strategies

Listing a product on Amazon is not enough, and sellers have to go an extra mile to ensure their products sell. If you don’t accompany your product with photos, your products will sell at a slow rate. Additionally, some sellers falsely advertise their items by giving the wrong information. It is good to give an accurate, detailed description of the item to attract customers.

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  1. Not contesting negative comments or damaging reviews

Disagreements and complains sometimes occur when you are selling items on Amazon, and if you don’t manage them well, they could deter potential customers from buying your products. If a customer has left a bad review on your account and you feel it is unfair, you can get Amazon to remove it for you so as to retain the credibility of your account.

  1. Failure to gather feedback from buyers

Overlooking feedback is a major hindrance to being a successful Amazon seller. Late shipping and inaccurate description of items are some of the things that can result in too much negative feedback on your account, thus lowering your ratings. Collecting feedback helps you improve your strategies for better ratings.

  1. Errors on order fulfillment and shipping issues

A slip in the fulfillment process can easily lead to lateness in shipment or even cancellation of orders, and this pulls your ratings down. If you are unsure of how to go about the process, it would be good to outsource such services.


  1. Copying account setup from other sellers

Some Amazon sellers tend to design their seller accounts in a way similar to those of their competitors, forgetting that those competitors may be violating Amazon policy. The best way to go about it is to review Amazon’s best practices and follow them to avoid cancellation of your listings.

  1. Failure to remove product listings when you are not available

Amazon seeks to protect the interests of its buyers. Therefore, as a seller you will usually be given 2-3 days to get an item shipped out after the sale. If for some reason you are out of town for some days, it is wise to take your listings down until you get back. Leaving your listings active while you are away may lead to suspension of your account.

  1. Mismatch between the item and the product listing

Customers will usually complain if they buy an item then find it does not match with the photos and description you gave on your account. They may also decide to return the item, which could cost you more.Such a move could also get you suspended from Amazon.