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Amazon Suspended

How I Lost My Amazon Business

I was just starting out, I had only sold for about 10 months before the nightmare started and I was suspended from from selling on Amazon indefinitely. I had around 800 successful  transactions in my niche of selling music records (which I…

How Amazon Almost Destroyed My Life

I started selling on Amazon 8 years ago, I was still at studying and the money I earned from my Amazon business back then helped me to pay for University. My business was simple. I imported Havaianas Flip Flops from Brazil and sold them in…

Amazon Suspension

Amazon was founded in 1994, now it’s a multimillion dollar business operating inmore that 30 countries. Amazon is an American based corporation whose headquarters is located in San Jose, California. an online auction and shopping…

Why does Amazon suspend accounts?

Everyday thousands of Amazon sellers get their account disabled. In most cases sellers are not given any warning or reason why their account had been banned. Normally no humans are involved in deciding which accounts are disabled. Amazon…

Amazon destroyed my Business

Everybody knows that Amazon is the center for online trade – in fact, more of the world's internet commerce goes through Amazon than any other single website – and that accounts for a lot of money. For thousands of people around the world…

How Not To Get Suspended From Amazom

Amazon is a great way to earn money. Thousands and thousands of online traders are earning thousandevery day. Isn’t it interesting? You are earning in the comfort of your home. But on the contrary, if we are not careful, accounts can be…


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