Effects of Ban from Amazon

As a freshman from college, getting a job was a bit hard. The irregular jobs I got never matched my expectations. It is at this time that I decided to think of an alternate to getting money.


Looking at the prevailing technological advancement, I decided to start selling products online. I chose Amazon as my online selling website. The good reputation that this online company had is what got me to open an account with them.

The Nature of my Business

While Amazon allows sellers to sell different products, I chose to venture into the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) business. I used to import goods from China and sell them on Amazon. It was quite cheaper to import from China since they had relatively low price on goods due to the fact that labor costs in China is quite low.

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I used to sell, mostly, computer accessories, mobile accessories and other technological devices and accessories that were first selling here. A venture that started as an alternate soon became a big enterprise. I made a lot of money from Amazon through the sales of these OEM goods. I had good ratings in my Amazon account mainly because I was a reliable seller. For the many years I had been selling, I had maintained and expanded my client base.

The Good Times at Amazon

As a top rated seller on Amazon, I used to enjoy some exclusive benefits that made my online experience quite impressive. Here below are some of the exclusive benefits that I got as a top rated seller:

  • Improved search listing on Amazon
  • 20% discount for the final sale value
  • Brand credibility

With the kind of money that I was making, I had made this as my full time occupation barely 3 months after starting. I could not think of any better job than this. I had built trust in this website as it had provided me the opportunity to build a financially stable life.

An Unexpected Ban from Amazon

Never in my life would I have expected that I could be banned from Amazon. I had complied with all the rules, I had a fine rating – a top rated seller and I had never been warned by Amazon on any breach of rules and regulations. But just out of the blues, my account was banned from Amazon. I thought it was a dream just to confirm that I could not have access to my $13,500 which was still on my Amazon account. I contacted customer care and I was told that I had been banned for breach of contract. How could that be possible? I still don’t understand to date.


Just like that, I lost all my cash and most important, my trusted clients. I could not get back and start selling again. Amazon messed my life completely. I cannot go back to my old profession because I lost track of it when I had thought of Amazon as my only source of income. Getting back on my feet is now impossible for I have lost everything I had.

This is my sad experience of wasted years on Amazon that have made me regret why I had put all my hope on something that would eventually dash them away.