How Amazon Destroyed My 60K/Month Business By Banning My Account

I used to work for Burger King, two years ago I started to sell on Amazon as a side business. I mainly did drop shipping via AliExpress. It took me less than 3 months until I was able to quit my job and focus only on my Amazon business.

I mainly sold travel accessories, phone covers etc. on Amazon. Business was really good and I was excited because I felt that I finally was able to start over with my life and really make money.

I wish I would have known before Amazon banned my account all the traps you can fall into when selling on Amazon.

Most people think if they build up an Amazon business that they’re creating a sound and stable income stream, in reality, any Amazon account can get banned overnight without any warning.

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In some cases it is possible to appeal to suspension successfully in many cases Amazon will just ignore it your appeal.

I managed to grow my business within one year from $0 to $60K/Month turnover. I felt like I really achieved something in my life I was so proud that was able to pull this off. The harder it hit me when Amazon banned my account for infringing some intellectual property rights.

First I had no idea what ‘infringing intellectual property rights’ means, only some research online clarified that it basically means that I was selling some items which were kind of fake or too similar to a branded product.

I instantly removed all items on Amazon my seller account that were infringing IP rights and at the same time, I drafted a very long appeal letter in the I hope that I will be able to get my account reinstated.

Amazon got back to me after four days telling me that there are still some things missing in that appeals plan and that’s they will not reinstate my account. I tried one more time and again my appeal got refused.

The real issue here is that if you get banned from selling on Amazon one time it means that you will be banned for life, so even in 20 or 30 years you will not able to create or open a new Amazon seller account.

I knew that I would never ever go back working at Burger King, I was thinking of ways on how I could save my business and start to make money again.

After some extensive research online I came across a book called the Beat Amazon Suspension. This guide basically shows you how to appeal the suspension successfully as well how to create a new Amazon seller account step by step with 100% legal methods.

I can only recommend every Amazon seller, always make sure you have a backup account. Selling on Amazon without a backup account is like climbing up a Mountain without any safety lines. The methods described in the Beat Amazon Suspension guide worked for me. I am back selling on Amazon and I also have two backup accounts which I can utilize in case there should be some issues with the main account.

Did Amazon ever ban you from selling on the Amazon marketplace, if yes please share your story with us?