How Amazon Destroyed My Online Business


Amazon is the world’s biggest online marketplace where you can sell or buy almost anything that comes to your mind. How does Amazon work?


If you are thinking about selling products on Amazon, especially arts and crafts from Asia than you have to do a lot of research to make sure that you are not violating any rules and policies set by Amazon.

We have come across a story of a person who was selling arts and crafts from Asia on Amazon and got his account. His story goes like this: he had been selling arts and crafts on Amazon for over 13 years. Than one day he got an email notification that all of his listings have been removed and that his account was permanently banned from selling on the site because he did not meet minimum seller requirements. He was doing an adequate job, and this could be verified because he said 98% positive feedback from his customers and over 20,000 transactions. He also has two small business New York that are working for over 10 years so he surely knew how to conduct his business well.

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So after he got his notification he tried to call Amazon, and he waited for 30 minutes only to be told that’s his business was no longer wanted and that he could not appeal this.
The worst thing is that he did not receive any previous notification that this was going to happen. He contacted a person from the Amazon leadership team who also confirmed that no emails were sent to warn him about what was going to happen to his account. What he got as an excuse was that Amazon does not have to call his customers about what they’re planning to do.

He decided to check his account history and he found a message from January that stated that he was not meeting minimum seller requirements and that’s said that his PayPal funds might be held up because of this reason but it was nowhere stated that they would ban his account without any appeal. He had received the same message in March again.
According to the message there were two requirements that he was not meeting:

1. His minimum picture size was not large enough

2. He was not uploading his shipping information to Amazon fast enough ( even though it



was nowhere required that he needed to enter all shipping information on Amazon)
He knew that Amazon was pressing its sellers to ship their items through their shipping service and he knew that they wanted to make the site more mobile friendly which is why there were certain image requirements, but he did not believe that these were good enough reasons for his accounts to get banned permanently.

Even though he did not agree with Amazon’s decision, he didn’t manage to get his account back, so he lost his business and everything else.


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    yes me. here is the mail that after 60 days of madness i receive but onlky after i write to an Manager and the director of amazon. because i wait for 60 days this 24 hours to be contacted

    Dear Andreea,

    My name is ……, and I’m a member of the Amazon Seller Performance Escalations team. Jeff Bezos received your email and I am responding on his behalf.

    Thank you for bringing the issue to our attention. At Amazon we strive to maintain a safe, secure and fair environment for all buyers and sellers therefore we take reports like yours very seriously.

    I would like to extend my apologies about the difficult situation you have found yourself in and the mixed responses you have received from us regarding the matter.

    Having again reviewed your account thoroughly and considered all of the information provided, I regret to advise that your account will remain blocked.

    This decision has been reached because your desired use of Amazon Payments may be in violation of our Acceptable Use Policy or User Agreement, which you have accepted when registering with Amazon Payments.

    Whilst I appreciate that this is not the outcome you had hoped for, please consider this our final position on the matter. Further correspondence regarding the closure of your account may not be answered.

    Thank you for your interest.


    Escalations Specialist

    After 200 calls to Amazon Customer to be transfered to Seller departement after over 70 emails to all the performance departements from 3 different emails because they do not receive email i suppose that . they never answered to me . i have to write too all the Manager Company and Directors because i did not receive any information from 5 december from them. i did not receive any notifications from amazon to my seller emails from 05 december only the emails for the refund or the emails from reinitialise the poasswor that i make over 100 times. no emails from waranty payments for the refund they have made no emails from my clients. i must suplicate the clients that have already call us to let a feedback with our contact details so the other could know how to reach us. Why my account was blocked why no one answer to me. over 70 mails and over 80 attashments . they have remborsed 18000 euro without advertise me. the clients can contact me and those that have contact me i already send out to them the order because i suppose that this thing will be resolved in 48 72 hours. i mantain my word to my clients i send out the orders and amazon also refunded them And now passed over 60 days and the clients have also the money in their account orders and also my products. So the answer is that…
    But the problem is that i never create an account on Amazon Payments . yes i was interested for a sure payment to my website but i used Paypal. But nevere never create an account on Amazon Payments and they told me that i have one. And realy if i create one i must be advertise that it is a pronblem with sellerd account because googleing i read that all the sellers and the clients of Amazon could by from your website using the same account that they are using on Amazon. so automatically of i have a website and i use Amazon Payments like method of payment all the clients or the sellers from amazon could by from me using their Amazon Account but also risking their accounnt. Beacause Amaozn Payments MUST WRITE VERY CLEAR ON THEIR WEB SITE IF THEY WANT CLIENTS. DO NOT USE THE SAME ACCOUNT USED ON AMAZON. BUT THEY WANT TO WIN SOME CLIENTS USING US. IS A VERY GOOD THING THAT YOU WEB SITE HAVE A GOOD AND SAFE METHOD OF PAYMENT BUT NOT RISKING OTHER WEBSITE WHER YOU SELL.

    And all that after 4 years of 24 hours work a day after i let my family a part after my daughter cry every day because she want to play with his mom and Amazon have take this decision without noticeing me. I recieve calls from my clients i was made thief liar I was threatened with police and i spend every minut of thiese days trying to get what happened. i have prepared over 50000 products in our deposit to be sold out on cristmas anf now i have 50 negative feedback and also i live evry day with the afriad that someone one day arrive at my door threatening me in front of my daughter.

    And thank you Amazon for the best holidays of my life and also thank you for the boondoggle made in 2016.
    But i will jot renunce . Because i was made liar chief i was send to take a tea to be calm by your collegues
    I was hung in front very often by you emplyers. and I have rights just like any person who sells or buys on Amazon
    So i hope that you Amzon will be the same Partener that i worcked till now Trusted and corect

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