How Amazon Falsely Accused Me Of Selling Inauthentic Items And Suspended My Account.

Early this month, Amazon falsely accused me of selling inauthentic items and unexpectedly suspended my account.

I have personally never been accused of such an offense before, later I found out that a client that an issue with one of my products reported me for selling inauthentic goods.

Even if Amazon suspends your account, they always give the seller a chance to appeals. Unlike banned seller accounts, suspended accounts can be reinstated on the Amazon marketplace.

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However, an Amazon suspension can be a horrible experience for the seller. Nonetheless, when looking at the bright side of thing, improving your seller performance and reinstating your account can actually increase the sales your sales in the long run.

This is because Amazon will train you as a seller to improve the buying experience customers have with you.

Though Amazon gives vague reasons for your account suspensions, you can find the details of the suspension on the seller central dashboard.

Why is Amazon Suspending Your Account?

Here are some of the major reasons that Amazon will suspend your account:

(a) Violating Seller Policy.
Amazon hates to frustrate customers. Basically violating seller policies means that you give buyers a bad experience. Suspensions basically take two formats:

The first type of suspensions is ASIN suspensions. You can also have a full account suspension depending on the seriousness of the matter.

Some of the factors that can make your Amazon suspended:

1. Making late shipments.
2. Canceling too many orders.
3. Selling products that are fake or substandard products.

(b) Multiple accounts.
If Amazon notices that you have duplicate accounts, they will suspend your account immediately. You should always make sure that you only have one Amazon account; in case you have a problem with your account you should always contact Amazon support for solutions.

(c) Not Checking Your Notifications.
Another reason that Amazon will suspend you is that you are not regularly checking your notifications.

The main rule on Amazon is to always keep your customers happy through replying customer emails fast and offering refunds when necessary to avoid Amazon suspended notifications.

How do you make an Appeal over an Amazon Suspended Account?

The first step is to know which mistake you have made. If you do not fully understand you can open a support ticket and ask for clarification. In case, the support ticket is locked you can follow Amazon on their social media pages.

Secondly, please admit your mistakes and never criticize Amazon to stand a chance of reinstatement. Humbleness is a virtue that will take you places. Accept and be sorry for your mistakes.

Thirdly, you should make a very detailed plan of action. This is an important part and hence you should do it exhaustively. Some of the things that you should do are to highlight the previous buyer complains and highlight what steps you have planned to solve those complaints to avoid Amazon suspended account in the future.

Remember, if you do not create a detailed plan of action your appeal will not be accepted. You should also never blame buyers accept the blame it is for your own good.

The good thing about suspensions is that you can always reinstate your account. However, this is after you write a fulfilling appeal application to Amazon seller support in addition to an appropriate plan of action. Failure to correct your mistakes can get you banned from the Amazon marketplace for life.

When an account is banned, it cannot be reinstated. Basically, these rules will prevent future Amazon suspension notifications.