My Amazon Seller “Experience”

I am a long time seller on Amazon. It took me years build this business around Amazon. Yesterday, I got suspended from Amazon for without any warning beforehand.

I tried to talk with somebody at Amazon to convince them to reinstate my account. However, the issue is nobody wants to listen to my story.

I have to reverse the Amazon suspension; otherwise I am in big trouble. I have a very large inventory with all my goods I am selling, where most of my “cash” is locked. I need the cash flow to pay for my credit cards, rent and debts.

This Amazon suspension does not only destroy my business, but also my credit rating, as I am not able to serve my financial obligation on time. A lot of people asked me why did Amazon suspend your account? The issue was I had a virus on my computer, before I did not even know a mean virus like this exists. Some criminal got hold of my Amazon seller account

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password and used my account. He made a lot of changes in my account which led to my suspension at the end. I tried to “proof” Amazon that I was the victim of a virus attack, however, nobody there is willing to listen or to reinstate my account. I have 5 employees working for me in our warehouse; you can imagine how embarrassing it was when I told them we got suspended. There is a real danger they might lose their job and I lose my business because of this Amazon suspension. I will do everything to get back on Amazon, whatever it takes.

I am not willing to just give up that easy and leave behind what took me years to build, learn more about ‘Amazon Suspended‘ here.