My Amazon Seller “Experience”

I am a long time seller on Amazon. It took me years build this business around Amazon. Yesterday, I got suspended from Amazon for without any warning beforehand.

I tried to talk with somebody at Amazon to convince them to reinstate my account. However, the issue is nobody wants to listen to my story.

I have to reverse the Amazon suspension; otherwise I am in big trouble. I have a very large inventory with all my goods I am selling, where most of my “cash” is locked. I need the cash flow to pay for my credit cards, rent and debts.

This Amazon suspension does not only destroy my business, but also my credit rating, as I am not able to serve my financial obligation on time. A lot of people asked me why did Amazon suspend your account? The issue was I had a virus on my computer, before I did not even know a mean virus like this exists. Some criminal got hold of my Amazon seller account

Did Amazon suspend your account?
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password and used my account. He made a lot of changes in my account which led to my suspension at the end. I tried to “proof” Amazon that I was the victim of a virus attack, however, nobody there is willing to listen or to reinstate my account. I have 5 employees working for me in our warehouse; you can imagine how embarrassing it was when I told them we got suspended. There is a real danger they might lose their job and I lose my business because of this Amazon suspension. I will do everything to get back on Amazon, whatever it takes.

I am not willing to just give up that easy and leave behind what took me years to build, learn more about ‘Amazon Suspended‘ here.

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  1. vWlYqluLBKYRNl says

    After my amazon account got suspended I lost everything. My wife, that greedy b**ch decided to leave me because she thought I am running out of money. Anyway I bought that Beat Amazon Suspension guide and I am back selling again.

  2. Celsa says

    I got my account suspended last week. I hate Amazon for that.

  3. squid says

    They banned me from Amazon too. What a nightmare. I followed that Beat Amazon Suspension guide. Actually I did not think it would work, but actually I am back selling on the Amazon marketplace.

  4. Curry says

    Amazon, eBay or even Google. They are all just turned into evil greedy corporations that don’t even care to pay taxes.

  5. Maria says

    Interesting article, I have been affected as well. Amazon blocked my account. It’s such a nightmare…

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