How Appeal the Removal of Amazon Selling Privileges

Amazon Marketplace offers a unique platform for anyone to operate a small business through selling items for Amazon buyers to purchase.


However, Amazon sets certain standards to guarantee its sellers are representing Amazon’s stellar reputation. In some cases, Amazon users may violate policies or dip below these standards enough for Amazon to enact a ban on their account. There are a variety of instances in which this can happen, so here are some steps for users to appeal this ban from Amazon and reinstate their accounts.

  1. Determine why your account was suspended

Amazon often sets certain parameters on its users that allow them to suspend any accounts that are not upholding to the standards they set. First and foremost, it is important to understand why the account was banned. This can be done by reviewing any notices that may have been sent to your Amazon Seller Central account or e-mail. The most common reasons why Amazon bans accounts is often for situations such as poor seller performance, policy violations, or selling/displaying restricted products. It is important to carefully evaluate your practices and understand these policies to determine the reason for your suspension so you can rightly amend it.

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  1. Formulate a plan of action

In order to appeal your suspension, you must delineate a recovery plan to send to Amazon. This plan must address the issues regarding why your account was suspended and clear steps as to how you will address and prevent these issues from occurring again. It is also important to highlight the value of your selling to the Amazon marketplace in a professional and constructive manner.

Additionally, including specific information on the new measures you plan on putting into place to enhance your performance as a seller is essential in letting Amazon know that you are serious about reaching their target performance goals. Identifying the specific concerns addressed by Amazon and outlining a definite plan that demonstrates your understanding and ability to take action to amend it is key in getting Amazon to reinstate your account.

  1. The extra step

Amazon’s reply to suspension appeals can take up to 4 to 5 business days. In the meantime, a good course of action to take is to email the formal plan of action to [email protected]. This will send your appeal to Amazon’s Transaction Risk Management Team and will perhaps aid in the recovery of your account. Before sending your plan of action, it is vital to ensure that it specifically identifies and outlines the issue and plan to improve quality performance in a professional, formal presentation.

While these steps do not guarantee an appeal to the banning of an Amazon user account, they will definitely improve the chances of Amazon granting a reinstatement.


Making sure that your appeal is specific, professional, and positive is crucial in convincing Amazon that you can maintain a solid selling performance and that your services are valuable to the Amazon marketplace.