How Bruce O’Donnell Got His Amazon Account Suspended

Bruce O’Donnell has purchased hundreds of products over the last years from Amazon. But when he returned 37 items from his total purchased 343 items then Amazon suspended his account without any delay.


Amazon also told Bruce O’Donnell that he won’t be able to redeem the gift card balance as well that he had in his account.

Bruce O’Donnell returned these items in 2 years of time period and he had genuine reason for each of the return. He explained that either goods were not as described or they were faulty and damaged. However, Amazon asked for a proper explanation for the returns before Amazon removes his buyer account suspension.

Amazon informed Bruce O’Donnell that the Gift card balance has been frozen as well and does not have any transferable value.

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This Amazon buyer suspension case should alarm anyone who spent a long time and money and time to create a large library for all kind of digital purchases such as kindle books and other things. If Amazon suspends that person, then he would lose access to all of those things. Things could end pretty badly for many other customers as well in different situation. For example, think about a customer who got a gift card of $200 for a Christmas shopping and amazon close that customer’s account before he could spend it for shopping. In that case he would lose that card as well because as per the site’s terms and policy money is neither transferable in cash nor one can use it with other account.

In attempt to prove his point Greg Said “I am Amazon’s customer since 2002 and I understand company need to take every effort to protect its business. However, I do not agree with the actions and I feel it very conspicuous under the circumstances. I am ready to understand their point of views if they have any proof to prove that I did try to abuse the system and its working method, but he never took it for granted. Indeed, any company including Amazing has the right to decide whom to serve and whom not to serve. However, any company does not have the legal rights to hold or cancel the gift card balance or other purchases that a customer already paid.”

He sent several emails to Amazon with a hope of proving his point and reopening of his account and removing the ban, but he received only a standard reply from amazing and they denied opening his account again. He also asked if it legal that Amazon is not refunding the gift card balanced that he was not able to spend before his account got banned.


Bruce O’Donnell is not the only person who got affected by this policy applied by Amazon but he is one of the latest one. According to a spokesperson from Amazon, he clearly said that they would not be able to remove Bruce’s account suspension at any condition. He Said “We have a simple goal that we provide the best experienced to all millions of customers that do purchasing with us. But sometime identify extreme abuse of the account we need to take strong actions against those accounts. We suspend accounts only when review the account carefully and we try to talk with customer as well to resolve the issue before taking such serious actions”.

Earlier Amazon allowed online buyers to return the purchased material within 14 days in original packing. For returning, it was not necessary for them to provide any reason and they would get a full refund as well. Amazon later increased the time period for 30 days to return a product but company act against those people as well that does the returns very often.

If a customer finds that the purchased item is not as per description, or it does not last for longer time or it has any defect in it, then customer would surely return the material to company like they would do for a physical shop.

If we talk about the cases of account suspension by amazon it was very rare but company has been doing it from 2008. In some cases, they not only ban the account of people, but they also suspend the account of family member as well that share the same address.

In November 2015, an article in Money highlighted the case of a customer named Nigel Colladge. He spent thousands of pounds for shopping from Amazon yet company cancelled his account.


Nigel purchased 246 items in only year 2015 and he had been shopping via amazon since 2006. He considers himself as electronic junkie and he always preferred to have latest gizmos and tools. According to him, most of the items that he returned to amazon were those electronics items that did not perform well. When he found publics in his purchases, then he decided to cancel the purchase and bought a new one instead of waiting for an exchange from amazon. However, there is no assurance if it would have saved his account from cancellation if he would have waited for exchange because company does not have any specific policy for genuine reasons for return.

In January 2016, Amazon closed one more account for customer named Katy Kilmarton. She bought 112 items and she returned 30 of them to company. Because of this account closer, Katy also lost $170 worth of gift cards. She also had Amazon prime member ship and she lost that membership as well that cost $79 for a year.

An online newspaper spent several hours on the company website, yet they were not able to find the exact policy about too many returns. Neither Amazon gave any specific policy details about too many returns regardless of asking for it again and again.

Nelson also explained that once a product leave the company warehouse, then neither company can have any control on it nor customer get any control. Now if Courier Company damages the product in the transit then would they ban customer if he get several damaged products because of courier’s mistake.

In recent time many people in the US decided not to buy anything from Amazon because of their tax policies which are very controversial. But Nelson also asked about those people that live in remote areas or that cannot visit a store for purchasing. Will these people need to accept the broken or damaged products from the online Giant fearing they will get banned if they will return a product that is damaged, faulty or non-described.

Amazon suspended my account and now I do not have the capability to listen or access audio books.

What happened to purchased items

Kindle users get a lot of difficulties after their amazon account get banned. They can view those books that they already purchased and they can buy more as well. But they still hope they would not have such problems in the future.


According to amazon, customer that face the account banning get a link that allows them to have access for all the digital purchases that they did earlier. From the same link they can also verify if a product is in warranty or not.

However, this link does not explain how customer will get warranty for the products that are in warranty. After account get closed for amazon customer, they are told that they cannot contact the amazon support via traditional methods of support and if they would do it, then support team will not be able to assist them.

When Amazon suspends an account, customers also lose access to other services such as Amazon prime in which a person can access on demand film streaming services. And if you already paid $79 for the yearly subscription, then consider that money as lost. Other than this if you have account on audible or on DVD sending service love firm, then you will lose access to that as well because amazon owns both companies. If you are a comics fan and you created an account on Comixology, then you also need to signup for some other services because amazon acquired this service also in 2014 and since that time amazon’s policies are applicable on this service as well. As far as a new account creation process is concerned, it is not clear how easily they would be able to do it most people may prefer to use a partner account but you need to know that if you close your existing account you are going to lose access to everything that you get with it.

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