How can SME’s compete against those big companies?

The good news is the bigger a company gets the less flexible they are. Too many layers of management and complicated bureaucratic processes make it difficult for big firms to be innovative and creative.innovation2

Good example would be Microsoft or Sony. Both companies used to be leaders in their field. Now they are a sad example how size and bureaucracy destroys innovation.  Amazon is now where Sony or Microsoft were 7-10 years ago.

If Amazon does not want to end up like Microsoft they will have to find ways to keep the innovative sprite alive, even if they grow in size.

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The strength of SME’s is that they are more flexible and faster in making decisions. Amazon offers SME’s to sell on their website. The big problem is that Amazon does not treat their sellers very nice. So many sellers had their business destroyed because Amazon disabled their account without any warning. Doing business on Amazon is like walking on a fragile bridge. You can fall down anytime. Most sellers don’t even realize on how fragile ground their business is built on.

This actually does not only apply to Amazon. eBay is even worse. Selling on eBay got very difficult; the fees are at to high for sellers to be profitable.

Only way to keep your business stable is to have multiple backup accounts as, it’s like safety net you need to have for your business.