How I Lost My Amazon Business

I was just starting out, I had only sold for about 10 months before the nightmare started and I was suspended from from selling on Amazon indefinitely.


I had around 800 successful  transactions in my niche of selling music records (which I was really good at). I had some competitors doing “fake” purchases and making unjustifiable claims that my goods were damaged or never arrived. It did not take long until Amazon removed all my selling privileges and suspended my account.

I really need another chance because competing sellers managed to kick me out of Amazon. Amazon has to give me a chance to explain what happened. Unfortunately, I was never given that chance.

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The first suspicious case came up when one of my buyers did not receive the goods he had ordered from me. He reported me still within the first 60 days from when he had bought the item. He was from Germany. He was pretending to be an understanding person and was soft spoken so I was not to suspicious that he could actually be an competitor.  I had to refund him his money and all seem to be well.

Shortly after, I put on a description for another item which I listed on Amazon. I clearly described this music record as being original, however, in used conditions. I sent the record to him 2 days later after he ordered. Just after sending it, the buyer sent me a message via e-mail claiming the condition of the record was poor. He also stated that he had encountered the same problem with other Amazon sellers. I clearly stated that it was in used condition why would he even bother? Anyway I offered him an alternative of returning the item only if he would pay the postage cost of sending it back. He agreed to do so.

The negative feedback I got from this transaction even made it worse. My account was on the verge of being banned.

The last sale that led to my Amazon suspension happened when one of my buyers ordered an item but later changed his mind asking to exchange it. Since I had not learned of all the Amazon policies, I advised the client to make a request on Amazon that he needed to exchange the item. I was even on the right track having advised him that way. However, this also contributed to having my overall Amazon seller key performance indicators lowered again.


All these shuttered my dreams of of making real money selling online. I even went ahead to appeal and explain what happened, I agreed refund any transactions, even I did nothing wrong. I tried appealing again but all my efforts bore no fruits. They even went ahead to withhold the money I had earned for 3  months I couldn’t take it anymore so I sent them several e-mails but all were futile. I never got any response from Amazon.

Finally, I got hold of my money after almost 4 months of waiting. Why couldn’t they specify me the reason of my suspension?