How my online Amazon business disappeared overnight

I happened to hear many times, during my experience as an entrepreneur on Amazon; people ask me how do you earn money online? Can anyone earn money online? Where do we start? I was so confident at the time;

amazon-banned I was earning a six figure salary on Amazon. I had one day stumbled upon an article that showed how to earn money using Amazon. I had perfected my techniques. I was brokering Items on Amazon. It was all down to volume. When people would ask me questions what I was doing and how, I would speak, referring to my experience, what I think are some of the essential requirements for those who are willing to build a prosperous and long lasting business on Amazon. I would advise people that I did not have a magic wand and find the right solution for everyone, but I thought my advice was extremely useful, and probably helped many make money online.

What was I advising? First of all they had to have very strong motivation. Being highly motivated is the is the springboard of change in our lives. Often people with good projects would come to me, but these would be soon abandoned. And you know why? Because they lacked that inner drive that is called motivation.

I would often tell them to think about why you want to start earning money online, and to focus on your goals and your aspirations, and learn to motivate yourself. I would tell people that once you have reached the right mental status to start an online business, you need to find the knowledge, the way I did mastering Amazon and my Amazon business. I would advise that they had to give their project a meaningful form.

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I had started being successful just with ideas and not much capital, but that would fool people into thinking that they did not need the knowledge.

Until one day it all just disappeared. I had not read the Amazon policies I was breaking a few terms and conditions, and it all ended over night. I was devastated. I had learned to manage an online business, through patience, perseverance and determination. My revenue all ended, the debts increased and I could not afford to pay my bills anymore. I had to downsize. Soon, I was bankrupt. My friends and family could not believe it, everything happened so quickly.

My tip to all. Before going to business, research and don’t leave any stone unturned