How Not To Get Suspended From Amazom

Amazon is a great way to earn money. Thousands and thousands of online traders are earning thousandevery day. Isn’t it interesting? You are earning in the comfort of your home. But on the contrary, if we are not careful, accounts can be suspended. This is serious problem and everyone can be a victim. Here are some tips to be followed to avoid suspension.

1.   Follow the rules and regulation

Rules and regulations are meant to be followed. Companies and businesses make their rules and policies that are strictly followed to help attain the goal and objectives. This is also the aim of Amazon, to be successful and to maintain its quality they expects everyone trading in the business to be attentive and observant with their policies. First thing to do is before you start selling read and understand everything what the regulations page say. It is best way to avoid being suspended. Ensure you are clear as far as Amazon’s rules and regulations. Usually it is a violation of one or more of the critical rules and regulations that gets one suspended from Amazon. Be conscious with it.

2.   Ensure an honest business

‘Honesty is the best policy’ this is a very common saying that every kind of business should adapt. Starting clean spells success and respect from the customers. If your business has this kind of principle your customers will increase more and more and will stick to you. When trading in Amazon, ensure that you are first and foremost transacting honest business. This is an important tool to avoid suspension. Never compromise your integrity or appear to be for any reason. Make sure that you are representing the goods you are selling as accurately as possible. Never sell counterfeit goods or goods which are not you purported them to be. Misrepresentation on eBay is one of the major reasons for being suspended. Another point to be remembered is you must be willing and ready to ship those goods to the buyer who wins the bid. Delays and a flurry of complaints regarding not shipping goods can cause an account suspension from eBay. Honestly can bring no harm. Instead it will bring prosperity and bountiful blessings.

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3.   Pay your fees on time

My last tip is regarding your obligation to Amazon. When we talk about business we talk about a two way process. Amazon helps by making our life easy and makes money, in return it is just fair to do our obligation in paying your fees in a timely fashion can prevent your account from being suspended. Avoiding all fraudulent payment methods and ensuring that the bank account or card you are using is authorized and that you are an authorized signer on that account can help tremendously.

These tips are the most important ones. Once you follow these, you are unlikely to be suspended. When we chose to do business with Amazon it means understanding the whole concept and be responsible to our actions. Do our part to ensure a good relationship with Amazon, happy selling!