How The Suspension Of My Account Amazon Changed My Life

Even before e-commerce and online marketing became popular just like today, I was already reaping the benefits of online selling through Amazon.


When I first heard about this auction and selling website, I got interested immediately so I browsed through the website to learn how it works. At that time I was enjoying a good salary as a manager in a marketing firm. But since I wanted to make extra profit with lesser work stress, I have signed up an account with Amazon and started earning a few extra dollars. My Amazon store grew and went from hundreds to thousands of dollars in monthly income. I was enjoying a fruitful 9 years of business partnership with the site until my account’s Amazon Suspension last month.

Yes you have read it right, after 9 years of being one of the best, highly-rated, and rule-abiding sellers, I ended up having a suspended account for no clear or at least a justifiable reason. Now my life is in a complete financial chaos. I don’t know how to start again. My story should serve as a warning to those who are aspiring to depend on their online income. You should always have a backup financial plan especially if you are to become an Amazon seller and get Amazon suspended for your account.

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Here’s my story. Nine years ago I started selling few bottles of supplements on Amazon. When I received my first sale and profit of $4.50, I was very happy and got excited. During the first few months of selling on Amazon, I was earning somewhere between $150 and $450 a month (not really bad considering that it was just my side income that time). After a year or two, my product line expanded and my monthly earnings have started to grow. There came a point that my monthly Amazon earning already rivaled or surpassed my regular salary as a marketing manager. Although it’s a hard and risky decision, I opted to quit my day job and just focus on my online business.

I think that I was lucky because supplements have continued to become popular. I also know that a lot of people from different countries don’t have access to the supplements produced here in the United States. The peak of my Amazon store’s income was achieved last year. I was enjoying a good business life until my worst nightmare came on a Monday morning last month.

I received an email citing that I could no longer be allowed to sell on Amazon because of Amazon suspension. I was shocked and surprised. After 9 years of maintaining a good record and ratings which is 100%, serving more than 10,000 orders from clients, and giving Amazon their very huge commission of my hard-earned income, this is what I get, account suspension.

I was angry and called Amazon to ask what has happened to my account. The representative checked my details and told me that I could no longer sell because of a suspected trend in my account. What? I got a very vague reason. I didn’t know what I have done wrong. It might be because some of the buyers have created FAKE tickets just to enjoy my products and still get their money back. But up to today, I still have no clue.

My prosperous months enjoying up to $5,000 a month is now all gone. It’s also harder for me to get a job especially today that the country is experiencing economic problems.