How To Appeal Your Amazon Account Suspension Without Spending $200-$600 USD

I have been selling Havaiana Flip Flops I imported from Brazil on Amazon before they suspended my account.

Business was really good because the profit margins were very healthy. I sourced those flip-flops directly from Havaiana wholesalers in downtown Sao Paulo.

Our shipments went straight from Brazil to one of the Amazon FBA Warehouses.

To my disbelief beginning of this month, without warning Amazon suspended our account stating that they received some reports that our goods would be inauthentic.

We run our business with very high ethical standards and we would never sell anything that is inauthentic or doesn’t meet our high-quality standards.

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We started to sell on Amazon in 2004. We have built an excellent feedback score over those years, we always replied all customer inquiries within 12 hours.

Of all those years we have been selling Havaiana flip-flops from Brazil we never had any complaints that are our items are inauthentic.

We have sent to Amazon all our original supplier invoices from Brazil that proof that all our Havaianas flip-flops are 100% original and authentic. However, Amazon refuses to accept those invoices as they are from overseas.

The real problem here is if Amazon suspends your account for inauthentic items appealing the suspension is very difficult because for Amazon you are guilty even if you only suspected to sell inauthentic goods.

In most cases, it’s enough if some competitor reports your items as fake to get your account shut down. Someone reporting you seller account to Amazon (e.g. for inauthentic goods) does not even have to prove that those allegations are true. Amazon will suspend your account immediately.

Getting you Amazon account banned is a lot easier than many sellers imagine. Everyday thousands of Amazon accounts get suspended because they are suspected to be in some kind of violation with some terms and conditions.

Even you can prove that you are not guilty of selling inauthentic goods, having multiple accounts or being violating some Intellectual property rights it is still not guaranteed that Amazon will reinstate your account.

I did some research online on how to appeal the Amazon account suspension, I found some Google AdWords Ads promoting appeal services starting at $300 USD to $1000. I felt that the price was pretty high so I did some more research and I came across an appeal service company with appeal letter and plan of action packages starting at $27 USD. I thought it might be worth a try even I was very skeptical.

It took less than a week until Amazon reinstated my selling privileges. However, I also created an Amazon seller backup account to be safe in case there should be any issues in the future. I can not risk having my business put on hold again for weeks because Amazon decides to suspend seller account out of the blue.

If your Amazon selling privileges have been removed and you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars getting your account reinstated you definitely should check out the BizzExpert appeal company (

They also have a free tool on the site where you can check the chances of getting your account reinstated.