How To Succeed As A Seller On Amazon

Selling on Amazon can be exciting and rewarding given that most of the factors have already been taken into account all that you have to do is to set up your seller account which is all easy, then you create your listing, put up the items you want to sell and categorize them accordingly, once your products are  up you can sit back and wait for your sales to come in. 


It seems easy and flowing and saves one a lot of hassle that comes with setting your own e-commerce store online where you can do the sales.

However as much as it looks easy and straightforward, a lot more is involved in every step that demands that a seller be very keen and committed unto how each step is handled.

Failure to handle the steps with the detail it requires is likely to cause loss of business and even opportunity to be a seller on Amazon platform. Before you venture out to start selling on Amazon, it’s critical that you understand properly the Amazon rules for sellers and Amazon user agreements. It might look easy to ignore reading in detail and understanding the rules but your success on Amazon will so much depend on how well you understand each and every rule. Many people that have failed as sellers in Amazon, the major contributing factor is failure to understand the rules and regulations and Amazon’s interests.

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Looking at how Amazon works you will note that the seller’s and customer’s reputation is really valued and is open for all to see. The feedback score a seller gets after completing a sell has a great impact in influencing his position as a future seller on Amazon. Any seller who wants to succeed selling on Amazon should put more effort on getting a favorable feedback that calls for handling your customers with all attention and getting clarification of anything that is not clear. Poor communication between a buyer and seller is one of the major causes of negative feedback and low customer satisfaction.

In many cases violating rules and regulations of Amazon is likely to lead one to being suspended. Some of the common things that earn sellers suspension are, failure to pay for completed auctions, failure to deliver goods that a buyer have paid for, getting repeated negative feedback and low customer satisfaction. Most sellers when suspended tend to register a new account, which can have very negative impact on the seller and lead to being banned from selling on Amazon again. The best thing to do is to contact Amazon directly and resolve the issues amicably to be allowed to trade again openly.


If in any case you have been banned and have ended up losing all your investments and money, it might not be very easy but you need to understand the more you continue to agonize over the loss the more you will be blocking yourself from accessing any help. Every problem we encounter gives us opportunity to learn and through the ban look for valuable lessons, learn them and purpose to move on.

There is a way out in every problem and with an open mind you will be able to find a way out.