How To Successfully Appeal Your Amazon Seller Account Suspension

For most entrepreneurs having your seller account on suspended or banned can be a big blow to your business and a cause of stress and anxiety.

The Amazon marketplace seeks to maintain its good reputation by making sure that everyone has a great buying experience. ensures this by enforcing certain policies. If you operate outside those set marketplace rules, you will receive one of those dreaded emails. Thankfully, Amazon allows their sellers another chance through the appeal process.

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Why Were You Suspended?

Before you appeal, figure out why Amazon suspended you in the first place. Normally this can be found in the email they sent you at the time when your selling privileges were removed.

We all know Amazon’s technical jargon can be confusing, so it is important that to understand where exactly you went wrong.

If the email does not state the suspension reason clearly enough, you may want to check your ‘Seller Performance Metrics’, inventory, listings and take another look at their Seller Policies. There is a good chance the suspension was caused because you were in violation with some of those rules.

Brainstorm Possible Solutions

You will have no other choice than to take responsibility for whatever may have gone wrong. In order to get your appeal accepted, Amazon wants to ensure that you will take all the necessary steps so that this violation does not happen again. This has to be specific and you must be able to demonstrate the changes you will make in your business to ensure this will not happen again future.

Plan of Action

Now you can formulate a Plan of Action (POA). This is a specific document that Amazon requires from every seller, once an appeal is being made. It is arguably the most important part of the process.

Introductory Paragraph: State your Seller name, give a succinct description of your business and outline why you were suspended.

Second Paragraph: Describe the issues that led to the suspension. Outline the process that you used to determine the problem(s), including any data or figures gathered from research. Explain the reason(s) as to why the issue occurred and make it clear to Amazon that you are taking responsibility for what happened.

Third Paragraph: State actions you have taken to resolve the issue since the time of suspension. Here, it can be useful to include bullet points to ensure that you are specific. Explain how things have changed within the structure and policies of your business to ensure that the violation never happens again.

In your conclusion, you will want to reiterate the steps you’ve taken, and clearly, state that you wish for the suspension to be lifted.

Keep the POA brief and to the point, as the Performance Team has limited time in which to review and decide. Therefore, you want to make sure that the most important details are distinct.

Request an Appeal

Now that your POA is prepared, you can formally request an appeal. In Seller Central, you do this by selecting “Performance Notifications” from the “Performance tab. next, find the notice of suspension that you If received and click the appeal button. You can then upload your plan of action, submit your appeal and await an If your appeal is rejected, you will be able to resubmit but you will likely have to make changes to your POA. If accepted, do remember the points you stated in your POA, and ensure that your business has indeed made the appropriate changes to preclude a recurrence of the issue.

Did Amazon suspend your account? Share your experience with use below in the comment field.