Interview With An Amazon Ban Victim

Diana used to sell on the Amazon market place more than 10 years until out of the blue she got hit by a suspension. Here suspension case is kind of unique as she was not told for what she got banned.


Since she had been suspended she is suffering from depression, insomnia and high blood pressure.

Martin: Hi, Diana, nice to meet you. Do you already start to feel better after the big shock when you got banned from Amazon?

Diana: I am still in shock, I saw a doctor, who prescribed me with a lot pills. I see they help a little, however, they only fight the symptoms and don’t address my real issue. I lost everything I ever worked for. I lost my business. I am running low on money, as all my cash is tied up in the inventory. As I am banned I have no chance to sell it.

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Martin: Did you try any alternative sites such as eBay or even your website?

Diana: I tried to sell on my on website but I did not work out, I just paid way to much for AdWords and Yahoo Ads. I actually lost a lot of money. Even optimizing my keywords did not help me. I also tried eBay, again the issue is the fees are insane if you calculate how much sellers loose with items that did not sell. Before I tried eBay I thought Amazon fees are high, I was really shocked when I got my eBay invoice, I got a real bill shock.

Martin: Did you ever try to open a new Amazon account?

Diana: Yes I tried like almost 10 times, but they always suspended my account so fast. I have no idea how they do it, but they must use very sophisticated methods to track and link accounts.

Martin: May I ask what you were selling on Amazon:

Diana: I was importing no name tablets from China, and sold them on on Amazon for a decent profit. I have some reliable contacts in Shenzen who always deliver amazing products for a real cheap price. You can check my feedback on Amazon, my customers were really happy with the goods the bought from me.

Martin: If you take a step back is there anything that comes up in your mind that might have triggered your suspension?

Diana: I spend hours and hours thinking what went wrong, but I have really no idea. Amazon is also refusing to tell me why I got banned for life to sell on Amazon. They always refer to there Terms and Conditions, but its like finding a needle a haystack, without knowing what the needle looks like…

Martin: I get your point, that really sucks big time. Thank you for taking the time talking with me and answering all my questions concerning your Amazon Suspension.

Diana: It was my pleasure as well.