Rarely Known Method Some Sellers Use To Get Their Account Reinstated

During an interview with Wall Street Journal, the vice president of Amazon Mr. Tom Taylor quoted “Amazon is a platform that gives chances of 50% more sales to sellers through utilizing storage and shipping.”


It is considered as a high revenue channel that serves online and offline retailers. In short, it is a place that fulfils current needs and helps retailers in overcoming challenges to make good profits.

There are certain guidelines that are necessary to follow. If sellers don’t abide by them, their account may get suspended. There is an automated system that ensures compliance with all guidelines and also suspends the accounts.

There is a routine of suspending seller accounts, but few hopeful are the ones who get flagged. The sellers on Amazon are supposed to follow every rule, and little flexibility is shown by the support system.

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Those sellers who have got suspended are in danger due to declining market profit, and the probability of getting again registered in Amazon is less.


Are you the one facing such issue? Just have a look at these steps and get your products live on Amazon.com again!

 There are about three ways to tackle Amazon Account Suspension:

There is no spell that can recover your seller account back from Amazon suspension but still few ways that help in solving the Amazon issues. Once you address their concerns, accordingly the probability of getting live again becomes more.

 1) Ask Amazon about the reason of suspension

Amazon will share the details about why your account has got suspended. But still you may not get a clear reply of what policies are bypassed due to which account is suspended. Amazon business language is a little difficult to understand. However, you should have a look on Seller Central to evaluate the reasons of being flagged.

Here are some of the major reasons for suspension

  • Low performance of Seller

Amazon is always keeping an eye on the performance of a seller. If customers are not rating you good or ask for order cancelation, or you are not delivering on time, then Amazon may take action. Your performance level should be increasing every month.

These minimum targets should be achieved to get good account rating

  • Order defect rate: < 1%
  • Pre-fulfilment cancel rate: < 2.5%
  • Late shipment rate: < 4%
  • Violation of the Amazon’s Seller Policy

Amazon considers that every seller is well aware of the requirements and rules before signing up in the portal. The Amazon team takes a complete check if the policy is being applied to product evaluation information.

 Tip for Amazon Sellers to apply on regular basis:

Keep a check on product information and make sure it is according to the given policy. Check the policies in detail, again and again, to become familiar with them. Update yourself through Amazon News and take actions if some policy is changed.

Once you know all the regulations by Amazon, the chances of doing anything out of the track gets less. Similarly, you will have more power to put forward correct arguments if your account is ever suspended.

Display or Sale of Products that are banned by Amazon.com

Amazon rules do not allow low-quality product. The inventory should be according to Amazon rules. They keep a check on restricted products to ensure it is not being exposed to customers.

Similarly, there is an option for other sellers to report restricted products. So one has to avoid listing a product that is restricted by Amazon.

 According to Amazon:

Amazon appreciates you to make a report of such listings that are violating Amazon’s policy. You may send your report through the form of “Contact Us” and tick the section of “Report Violation.”

It is observed that Amazon is extra fast when it comes to the flagging of restricted products. It is mostly done with products that are related to health category. If you are into such niche, then you must take a complete notice of Amazon issues and respond them quickly.

 2) Making an Appeal

Sellers can appeal for a suspension. It is done through Amazon Seller Central. Make a clear description of your Appeal for a particular suspension. Things you might need in Appealing for a Suspension

Service recovery is important as it tells Amazon how you are going to respond the issue. Take a note of Amazon actions before you share yours. The important steps you are going to take and how they are important in following Amazon policy for future.

Pile up the positive elements related to your store and emphasize on how it is helping customers on Amazon Market.

Amazon may reply your appeal in 24 to 48 hours. There is another option, CPC’s experienced secret suspension step that enhances the probability of getting your products live once again.


 3) Best Secret for Amazon Appeal

Apart from making an appeal to Seller Central, one may send a direction email about the action plan to [email protected]. It is the contact TRMS that deals with Transaction Risk Management. A complete team is there to check the issue.

 Your action plan must include:

Use a letterhead and that should be a formal one.Write down if the seller is coordinating with Solutions Integrator to have an aid in feeding inventory.

Point out the major problem:

Write down the quality compliance seller is already doing and the promise to give even better experience to customers.

Write in a humble manner:

There are many people who applied this step and got successful in getting the account back. However, we still not give a guarantee of 100% success. But it’s better to give it a try.