Top 5 Reason Amazon Suspends Seller Accounts

Recent surveys show that Amazon’s customer satisfaction rating has dropped by 5%. And each year satisfaction rating continues to go down.


On the other hand, its main competitors such as Amazon continue to woo customers. The drop has made Amazon to throw its hammer on “bad sellers”. It is in their interests of providing best online shopping experience for its customers. Unfortunately, there are times even consistent sellers get the axe. If you are selling at Amazon, you need to toe the line by knowing the following Top 5 reason Amazon bans sellers

Negative Feedback

Nowadays, if you are selling at this ecommerce platform and receive some negative feed from a number of customers in short period, you are likely to be banned for life. For instance, a shop owner got is account banned for life.

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Although the seller was not selling in large volumes and was consistent every month, he got his account banned. His shop made shipments late, got negative feedback and his account was immediately suspended. There are times you cannot control negative feedback or because of simple mistake.


Counterfeit goods

First, if you are selling counterfeit goods, you are making a claim and you are liable for prosecution. Without verification of authenticity, you may be selling fake and counterfeits. You are committing a criminal offence without your knowledge. If a customer who buys your products reports to Amazon that whatever you sold is fake then you are in problems.
You may not be selling counterfeit goods, but your titles or descriptions are misleading. In such a case, the complaints may not necessarily come from buyers, but sellers too. You should avoid listing any product with a brand name unless you are able to prove its authenticity. Copyright issues also fall into this category. If you continue using other people’s text, images, and copying listings, you will be deemed to sell fake or counterfeit goods
Too many chargeback

If you get a high number of chargebacks, your account will be banned. In addition, Paypal will freeze your assets. Without Paypal, you have been hit below the belt. This is because international orders rely mostly on Paypal. It is important to note that there con buyers too. These buyers can accumulate chargebacks on your account. Always, look at the ratings of buyers first before shipping your orders.


Fake customer reviews

Scammers are now using this trick of buying customer reviews. They do this with an aim of making customers to believe they are reliable, trusted sellers. In this way, scammers are able to make sells some good number until Amazon cracks. By doing so, you are violating Amazon terms and conditions. They therefore, have a right to ban your account for life.

Selling prohibited items

You are not allowed to sell any prohibited item at Amazon. There are good reasons for this such as liability issues. For instance, what if you sell alcohol to an underage person? These items are sensitive or dangerous. It is not a must that these items to be prohibited by law. If your items glorify hatred, religious intolerance, or racial items, then your account will be banned.

Since Amazon is cracking down on sellers, your business may go down if you slightly mess. It is not easy to get another account due to multiple accounts detection program they have. You are simply banned for life.