Top 8 Reasons Amazon Suspends Sellers


Amazon is one of the best places to sell goods online. However, there is a catch, Amazon suspends many sellers for minor offenses in some cases indefinitely.

Amazon does this in order to maintain a positive customer experience and to protect buyers from underperforming sellers. Some accounts are temporarily suspended while others are permanently shut down depending on the offense a seller has committed. Below we have a list of eight most common reasons why an Amazon accounts are suspended.

1. Sale of poor quality products.
Amazon is very cautious about the quality of the products that are sold on their website. Selling products that have defects or not manufactured to the required minimum standard could lead to suspension of an account. Sellers on Amazon are advised to sell products that are of high quality in order to avoid a ban of their account.

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2. Regular negative reviews and feedback from customers.
Reviews and feedback say a lot about a seller, those with good reviews are more likely to attract customers and sell more. Regular complains from buyers on the quality of service or products are serious offenses that could result in a ban of the seller’s account. A seller on Amazon with multiple negative reviews will be in some cases warned at first, but if the bad reviews persist the account will be banned.

3. Selling illegal products.
As much as Amazon sells a wide range of products selling illegal products such as drugs or guns are prohibited. Amazon has a catalog of products a seller is allowed to sell. Sellers are advised to look through Amazon’s list of permitted products and those that need certification before they can be sold.

4. Late shipments and wrong delivery.
After an order has been made a seller has to make sure a product reaches the buyer on time. A sellers account is at a risk of being shut down if a customer complains of late delivery or wrong delivery. At first, Amazon may warn a seller but in case such problems persist an account can be suspended.

5. Getting reviews illegally.
Reviews are very important for any Amazon seller because they help in creating customer confidence in a certain seller. In order to ensure that there is fair competition among sellers Amazon discourages unethical practices such as reviewing yourself or posting bad reviews on other servers accounts to discredit them. Such actions are prohibited and could result to suspension of accounts if Amazon does notice it

6. Using abusive or foul language.
Amazon does strive to maintain a certain level of professionalism. Sellers and buyers are expected to maintain professionalism regardless of the distance between them. Use of abusive language or even racial slurs are strictly prohibited and accounts involved in such activities are banned.

7. Having multiple Amazon accounts.
Having more than one account has a lot of advantages but it is illegal on Amazon and could lead to suspension of the accounts. Each seller is allowed to have a single account unless Amazon approves them to have a second account.

8. poor inventory management.
An Amazon account is just like any other physical store. Poor inventory management could result in errors such as selling of products that are out of stock or are substandard. Such mistakes may seem small but in the long run, they could result to suspension of a sellers account. A seller should always take stock of the inventory and update where necessary.

Summary. In order to avoid constant suspension of accounts Amazon does send warnings to sellers giving them time to correct their mistakes. In case a seller does not conform to the rules and repeat the same mistakes their Amazon sellers account will be suspended. However, in some rare cases sellers can also reinstate their accounts within 48 hours by simply getting in touch with the Amazon customer care.

Did Amazon suspend your sellers account? Let us know why Amazon has banned your account in the comment section below. 


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