Why Amazon Removed Your Selling Privileges

Amazon might seem like a money making machine for some people and this is actually not entirely wrong. For many people it does proven to be true, but some others are not so lucky.


A lot of new sellers in Amazon begin with a little too much optimism and aggressivity, but this kind of approach often leads to a disaster rather than success. If you don’t do things carefully, last thing you know you get a suspended.

There is a set of rules that you need to follow if you want to be a successful seller in Amazon an most importantly, to avoid getting your account suspended. There are some common mistakes sellers do in Amazon that finally got their accounts suspended, learning from these common mistakes is very useful to avoid yourself from falling in the same hole, here are some of them:

Starting off selling expensive high risk items first

So what are considered as high-risk items in Amazon? There are actually many of them. Custom jewelries, smartphones, iPads, electronics (branded or not) or whatever that has a historically high return rate are considered as high risk items. Any item that can be easily faked like autographs, gems and precious metals are also considered as high-risk items. Then there are also various products that are commonly counterfeited in mass quantities like designer purses, box sets of DVD’s, Adobe and Microsoft software, NFL jerseys, and many others. Additionally there are some VERO members who don’t want their products to be sold on Amazon, including Apple, Beachbody, Warner Brothers, Burberry, Tiffany, etc.

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So the question now is can you actually sell these high risk items on Amazon? The answer is yes, but just as the name implies, selling high risk items on Amazon means you are taking a high risk of getting your account suspended. It only takes a couple of buyers claiming that your items are counterfeit, then you will lose your account. If you want to sell these items, you should build up some trust first with Amazon, letting them know that you are an honest seller. Don’t just start off by selling high-risk items, because the risk is just too high.

Copying other sellers product description

This is just not a good idea, how hard can it be to write a description for your product and what makes you think you can get away with anything like this? Amazon can spot a duplicate product description easily, so don’t be lazy and write your own description.

Expensive shipping to avoid fees

This is a typical way for Amazon sellers to avoid fees and make their products appear to be cheaper. It may work a few years back, but today most of buyers in Amazon are price-conscious consumers who sort their search by total cost. So it will hurt your sale and additionally it could get your account suspended.

Shipping items not in time to customers

Whatever the reason is, it cannot be tolerated, you will disappoint a lot of people if you can’t deliver your products in time. People expect to get the products they purchase as soon as possible.

Sneaking flyers with packing materials

A lot of sellers are sneaking flyers with their products’ packing hoping that their buyers will contact them directly instead of purchasing through Amazon. However, usually you won’t be able to get away with this tactic too often.


Buying positive feedback

Obviously this is a way to cheat the system, you might get lucky a few times but usually it won’t last very long. Spotting fake positive feedback is actually easier than you may think.