Why does Amazon suspend accounts?

Everyday thousands of Amazon sellers get their account disabled. In most cases sellers are not given any warning or reason why their account had been banned. Normally no humans are involved in deciding which accounts are disabled.

Amazon uses a very sophisticated algorithm to decide on a daily bases which seller accounts are being banned for good.

  • If Amazon feels that your feedback score is to low for an extended period of time,
    our account will be automatically banned.
  • Customer complaints or chargeback’s is another leading reason why so many sellers lose the privilege selling on the Amazon platform.
  • Amazon has a huge database with people who they don’t want to have access to the Amazon marketplace. Amazon account suspensions are for life. Once you banned Amazon will never allow you access again to marketplace.
  • You might be a good seller with an Amazing rating, one small mistake and you could lose everything. Accessing your seller account with an IP address or computer related with a suspended account will get you kicked of the marketplace faster than you think.

Is the system fair how people get kicked of the Amazon marketplace?

In some cases people who deserve to get their account suspended. In many cases it is unfair, as no reason or warnings are given for an Amazon account suspension.

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There should be some transparent appeal process in place to allow sellers to have a second chance. Once you have been banned, Amazon will treat you like scum. For them you are an outcast. They will do everything in their power to ensure they never see you creating another Amazon seller account again.

All people make mistakes sometime, should we not be allowed to learn from what we did wrong so we can become better sellers?

Amazon does not think like that. Amazon suspension is for life. It’s like life in prison, for the even smallest crime you might commit. It is very harsh, as businesses are destroyed people build up for many years within minutes.

So many sellers who have an online based business on the Amazon Marketplace are not aware that they could lose their business any time without a single warning.

Before my Amazon account was suspended I never thought how easy this could happen. I thought I have a stable and sound business.

The time when I was banned from selling on the marketplace until I was able to get back selling again, must have been the most difficult days in my life. I needed medication to be able to deal with all the pressure.

I felt like my life turned into a real nightmare. I could not sleep anymore. Only people who have experienced this kind of pressure know what it feels like.  For me there was no alternative to Amazon. eBay fees are ridicules high. So many niches are just get spammed by some newbie’s who never ever intend to pay their eBay fees at the end of the month.

I am glad I am back on Amazon selling again and making good money. This Beat Amazon Suspension guide helped me a lot.