Why Does Amazon Treat Sellers Like Dirt?


After leaving college I had a tough time finding a job. I was doing Master’s in Philosophy and could have easily got a job in any college, but I was not willing to do it. I was not excited by the thought of going to a college every day and teaching a bunch of uninterested students.


So, I left college in between. I just roamed around the city trying to find something interesting. With time, the money I had started depleting and I had to take loans. One day I was sitting on the beach, staring at the unending oceans, thinking what to do with my life. As I looked around, I saw one of my friends talking to a stranger.

My friend owned a water scooter and had a business of renting it to tourists. He was showing the scooter to the stranger and explaining something. After a while, the stranger got a pad of notes out of his bag and paid it to my friend. It was a lot of money. The man loaded the scooter in his wagon and went away. I immediately went to my friend to enquire what it was all about.

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“Hey, what was this all about?” I asked
“Hi, I have got a job in US and I will be leaving soon. So I had put the scooter on Amazon. This man was interested to buy it. So he came along and I gave him all information about the machine. He was quite impressed and bought it” he informed me.

Now what is Amazon! I had no idea about it. I went home and read about it on internet. Wow! That was interesting. I decided to give it a try. The registration process asked for identity proofs. I had none. So I arranged some fraud documents and got myself registered.


I assembled many beach accessory products which I had rotting in my garage, got them in shape and put them on Amazon. To my astonishment, I got many responses. In this manner I started my business. I started getting accessories from the neighboring places at cheap rates and sold them on Amazon at higher prices. I had a huge profit margin. I was loving the job I was doing. It was no hard labor and plenty of money.

This was my dream job. This life of mine continued for many years and over the years I grew richer and richer. But fate has a different plan for me. After a few years, there was a security check of all the people who registered on Amazon and my bad luck got me caught for all my fraud documents. There was a long legal procedure against me and at the end of it, I was banned from Amazon forever. I was also penalized and all my money went away in the form of fine. I was completely destroyed. At this point of my life I had no money, no degree. I realized my mistake and decided to rectify it.

I went back to college, completed my course and today I am working in a small private institution. My life has changed drastically, but I am at peace.




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