I am Rick Cox , a resident of Hawaii, I personally spent a significant amount of time browsing the Internet in search of good material that provides the education and the tools to improve my Amazon business.

But it’s not only about what we can do to improve our business, sometimes we end up with problems that look like impossible to overcome. For example what happens when you Amazon account gets suspended, is there any way to get your business back?

I’ve learned that there’s a lot more to be covered. It’s, therefore, my pleasure to share with you my own thoughts on wealth creation through selling on platforms such as Amazon.

Where can you learn the Amazon sales marketing skills that will truly make the difference?

What matters is the difference in your understanding (if you’re building a business), or the difference in how you approach the marketing of your business, or perhaps your job (if you’re responsible for directing the marketing tactics for a brand).


The 17-hour Week

You would definitely want to have as much leisure time as possible, don’t you? I mean working for only 17 hours in a week or less, and spending the rest of your time with your family or doing recreational activities. To me, this has been possible, and for that reason, I’ve been receiving countless phone calls, text messages, and email from people who want an appointment with me so that we can discuss something which can transform their lives. In fact, the 17-hour system of working gives me plenty of time I need to spend with my family, mentoring others, or even playing my favorite game of golf.

Are You Helping Others Succeed Selling Online?

As you learn how to sell on Amazon and you become more visible online, you’ll begin to assume the role of a leader. And it’s understood, not everyone comes to the ready-made entrepreneurial visionary mind. So, go and learn it. One of the best ways is to spend time helping others succeed. Your network of people you surround yourself with will beyond doubt determine your success. Your daily actions will reflect your goals and the person you want to become.

It has been said, “In this life, you can actually have everything that you want, only if you’ll spearhead others”. That sounds complicated but true. If you want to run a successful Amazon business, you should learn how to provide value to it. You can never be a prosperous Amazon seller unless you have a very important goal attached to your business, and that’s how you create a wide network of loyal friends by helping them grow successful Amazon businesses.


A Great Source of Employment

To be sincere, I am employed by the Internet. That sounds funny, isn’t it? Unlike other many forms of employment, I don’t always wait for a whole month to receive my paycheck. Money is always flowing into my account, and my greatest fear is not about getting sacked but losing my business. My passion is helping other people figure out ways of achieving financial freedom.

I am selling on Amazon for more than 12 years. However, I would never say I know everything, I believe we should never stop learning. Always keep our eyes open for new products or new methods to market our goods.

Only through hard work and determination, I’ve managed to reach the point where I am constantly generating income with safely without getting my Amazon account suspended again.