Amazon Even Suspends Buyer Accounts Now, one of the biggest e-commerce entities online, who has literally made online shopping to what it is today is starting to get rid of customers who return to many times.

Besides cheap and huge selection of goods that got millions of shoppers hooked, Amazon is also known for their generous return/exchange policy.

This typically means people can exchange or return most products within a period of 30 days. However, this feature though helpful is currently getting a lot of Amazon buyers into trouble. While the organization is continuing to serve their tremendous customer base, there are also some customers whom banned for being unprofitable because of too many returns.

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It is interesting to note that among the number of accounts that Amazon suspended, the highest number belonged to those who had returned items and claimed a refund for more than 5% of the goods purchased on the site.

While the exact number of returned items that can trigger an account suspension has not been specified by Amazon, it is common knowledge that this is the main reason why Amazon suspended a lot of buyers.

The company stated that they are always focused on providing maximum customer satisfaction. However, they still have to make sure they don’t let unprofitable customers affect their bottom line. has the sole discretion of deciding which accounts they ban. Amazon uses very advanced algorithms which identify certain patterns in customer accounts. Once an account has been flagged, it usually will be checked and reviewed manually by a real human being.

While many customers are complaining about the inconvenience caused for their account being banned, I think it is important for them to understand this from the point of view of Amazon and his shareholders.

Amazon does provide a huge range of products on their marketplace and they have to ensure that they can continue being profitable.

While most of us do not return/exchange a product unless there is some issue, it is undoubtedly true that there are people who completely abuse Amazons generous return policy.

Also with such a huge global market share, it is obvious that is looking at retaining the right set of customers who are not only loyal but also do not take advantage of the services that are offered to them.

Apart from suspending buyer accounts for this reason, customers who write paid reviews for products on will also get their account suspended.

This is strictly against the terms of use and Amazon does consider this as a serious deviation from the policy and permanently bans such accounts.

They believe that the reviews should be unbiased and honest so that it can positively impact the purchase decisions of prospective clients in the future.

To conclude, it will not be an exaggeration to state that customers should now be careful in handling how they go about purchasing products from Amazon.

While the portal is a one-stop destination for a huge range of things that make shopping easy and convenient, mindlessly returning products multiple times can impact their convenient shopping and lead to their account getting banned.