How To Appeal With The Highest Chances Of Success After Getting Banned From Amazon

Amazon is one of the leading platforms for selling and buying goods and services online without any real alternatives.


If a person owns an account with Amazon, they ought to follow the rules set and obey each one of them. If there is any failure of terms and conditions of usage on Amazon, it is likely that the violator will get banned from utilizing the services rendered by Amazon. That is not the end of things though, there is still an opportunity to appeal and be reinstated. It is not easy to get the suspension cancelled, and there is little or no support from other retailers as they utter brutal words to you (whether they do so honestly or just to get rid of competition). All the same, this article will enlighten you on how you can appeal after getting banned from Amazon.

Common reasons why Amazon suspends accounts

  1. Restricted goods

There are very stringent rules in Amazon on the goods that should be displayed and sold on the website. This is mainly meant towards offering best quality services to customers and also to uphold its reputation. The regulation ensures that customers get exactly what they see on the site.

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Restricted goods and products are set out by Amazon, such as those that are likely to be harmful to health, and it is always best to avoid selling them. Do not assume that the users are so many and that you will escape the wrath, Amazon urges other sellers to report violations and of course, they will.

  1. Policy violation

If a seller violates the policy rules set by Amazon, they will be suspended. It is vital that sellers understand the rules thoroughly and even perform regular audits to ensure compliance. It is also advisable to familiarize them with Amazon news, so that they do not miss any updates

  1. Poor performance

Amazon does not tolerate people who make very low sales. If the customer feedback shows that you are pretty low ranked, you may be suspended. Always make sure that your sales goals are high and aim at achieving that goal.

So how do you appeal after getting banned from Amazon?

  1. Know the reasons for the suspension

It is impossible to handle a suspension issue if you have no idea why your account has even been suspended in the first place. However, Amazon will let you know why they took the step to suspend you. Sometimes, the reasons given may not be clear and few times there may be a flap or identity mistake.

  1. Understand the rules broken

If the reason given pertains breaking the policy set by Amazon, do a deep research about it for you to understand how you actually broke the rule. You can even ask for Amazon support and get more information about the suspension.

  1. Determine you broke the rules

After understanding what the rule means, you can now know how your business violated the policy. Dig the root cause and confirm that what you are told actually happened. Even if it means going through your entire inventory, do it and also look at buyer’s feedback to see what they have experienced on your account.

  1. Plan of action

Making known to Amazon about the issues you are concerned about is probably the most crucial part o the process. At this stage, you already know why you are being suspended, and you may want to prove how the action happened on your account. It may have not been intended. You may also wish to show what steps you took to stop the violation and state that it will be avoided in future. It is important that the plan of action is well drafted. Be specific and relevant, and only give the important information. You must display professionalism and show your investment is dependent on Amazon in a convincing way, not to forget to mention that you will abide by the rules in future.


  1. Appeal from Amazon

With your well written plan of action, you can now request for an appeal from Amazon. Submit it to the seller performance team that you are under. Go to the Seller Central, click on performance and then to the performance notifications.

Look for the suspension notice you’re appealing and click on the Appeal button, and submit your plan of action. Now you can relax and wait for a verdict from Amazon, probably within 48 hours. The procedure they follow is sending you an email, usually containing their decision. Normally, you will be reinstated or they will uphold the suspension.

What if they uphold the suspension?

If you are not reinstated, it is just unfortunate. This happens a lot, especially if you had opened another account after your first account got suspended. If Amazon can detect that you were involved in selling restricted products, whether they were banned or you misused trademarks.

It is good to appeal for the second time; you can put forward a further appeal, although it is unlikely to be successful. If you have tried everything without success, you can just try other platforms of e-commerce as there are several others.


To sum it all up, it is quite unfortunate to be banned from using Amazon, given the good returns reported by companies and individuals who have used it to sell their products, goods or services. However, sometimes there could be a violation of the policy and you find yourself suspended from Amazon. The good thing is that you can appeal to Amazon, just ensure that you have a plan of action drafted very well as discussed above. There are two options, either your account will be reinstated, or the appeal will be upheld. If your account has been reinstated, you should take care in future to avoid future suspension. In case your appeal was unsuccessful, you can re-appeal and if there is still a negative feedback from Amazon, do not give up on e-commerce.

You can try out another platform and still get increased sales. We wish you the best in your appeal filing with Amazon.