Tips on How to avoid Amazon Account Suspension or Ban

Amazon is one place that people are making a lot of money by selling products to other people. It is a platform that helps the buyers to meet the sellers and vice versa.


There are quite a number of success stories out there that many people have shared about how the platform has helped them. However, we have others who think it is the worst platform since they got all their accounts suspended or banned. How do you avoid getting into such situations?


Read the Terms and Conditions

Every company will have their own terms and conditions that they expect people to follow. These terms are the ones that help the company to run smoothly pleasing both the buyers and sellers. For those people who do not follow the conditions, they are likely to have their accounts banned. Consider a person who is posting their first listing. Amazon takes a keen interest to know if a person is in line with their conditions. If such a person has violated several terms, then the account is suspended. The same applies to those that have been selling on Amazon for a long time.


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Verify the Amazon Payments account

Amazon Payments account is crucial for people who are looking to make transactions on the platform. This bit applies to both the seller and buyer. Verify the account before using it on transactions. The Amazon Payments account should have the name of the seller too. This is to prove that you actually own the account and it is not a hacked one. Cases of hacked Amazon Payments accounts are on the rise. Always protect yourself by using a verified account.
Ensure to receive positive ratings

The only way to get positive rating is by delivering quality goods and on time. Many buyers will continue to give top positive ratings if you make them happy. A continued stream of poor negative ratings will catch an eye of the Amazon quality control team. They will want to know why so many people are complaining about your service delivery. This means that the account might be suspended or banned altogether.

Deliver on time to avoid disputes

A buyer is likely to launch a dispute when the seller fails to deliver the goods on time. When the buyers start to complain a lot about the delivery times, your account will be under supervision. The best way to avoid such scenarios is by picking a shipping method that is fast. The buyer will not mind paying a few extra dollars to get the goods shipped quickly to his location. Ensure that as the seller you use reliable shipping methods to avoid disputes.
Quit using Proxy’s or VPNs when using the linked Amazon Payments

Amazon Payments has a strict rule about using Proxy’s and VPNs. The proxies are meant to help people hide their location. If Amazon Payments notices that you are logging in from a different location, it is likely to limit the account until more information has been provided. Continuous use of the VPNs and Proxies might result to account ban in the future.

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