How To Appeal Your Amazon (Seller) Account Suspension

Having a suspended account can prove to be very stressful; anyone who has had an account suspension will testify.

Account suspension just gives you headaches and Amazon account suspension is no different.

In most cases, accounts are suspended without the account owner knowing what caused the suspension.

Amazon account can be suspended for a lot of reasons which include; intellectual property infringements or even inauthentic complaints.

In this article, we are not going to dwell much upon the reasons why Amazon account gets suspended, but we are going to talk about the steps that one can take to appeal amazon seller suspension.

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Appeal Amazon Seller Suspension Steps

The 1st thing to do when you get an account suspension is to try to manage the anger and frustration that comes with it since chances are very high that you don’t know why your account is suspended; to you at this particular moment it seems as they have just selectively blocked your account which is not the actual fact.

2nd after accepting responsibility for the suspension, you ought to understand the reasons for the suspension and how you ended up there in the 1st place.

3rd Now that you understand why Amazon is taking action and what you did to invite that action. You must now devise a plan on how you are going to prevent the things that resulted in you being suspended in the 1st place. The plan must be straightforward and show that you know what you are doing (professional). In your action plan, you should: Quantify as much as possible.

Every data that you can get your hands on about the reasons for your suspension should be included. Please please use your might and power to avoid using words like a few, slight, low, a lot, and many (be exact). Don’t write the appeal like it will be addressing your friend that means that informal English is out.

Use only formal English. Stay professional! Show that it’s a privilege to be selling on Amazon, not something that you are entitled to; remember you are at fault here not Amazon. Probably shouldn’t remind you of this, but be specific. Never beat around the bush. Tell them what you are changing in your business and when are you expecting to see the change.

Don’t leave anything for guessing, everything needs to be there in the appeal. Example: Our quality control was done by a third party, and now that we have seen the quality problems that this has brought to us as sellers. We have switched from the third part company to the manufacture of the product since they have better quality control systems. This is going to reduce our revenue, however, it is also going to eradicate quality-related problems with immediate effect. Simply because you are required to be specific, state the exact reasons how the fault manifested in the 1st place.

Appeal Amazon Seller suspension final steps Finally, after completing the above three steps you now need to submit your appeal to the suspension notification that you have been served with The appeal can be submitted through the seller central> Click performance> Click Performance notifications; here you have to find the notification of the suspension and click the appeal button. After this, all you ought to do is wait for a response from Amazon.

There you go, that’s how you appeal for a suspended Amazon account. Leave a comment below and share your Amazon suspension story with us.