Amazon Is Cracking Down On Sellers On Inauthentic Goods & Poor Selling Performance

Over the last couple of months, we noticed an increase in traffic coming from sellers who had their Amazon account suspended.

Many of those sellers seem to get suspended for selling allegedly inauthentic or fake items. In most cases, sellers are accused falsely of selling fake goods. Proving that your goods are authentic can be in some cases very difficult as Amazon has very strict rules on what kind of receipts or invoices they accept.

For example, if you have been buying branded items in outlet mall Amazon will not accept those receipts. Amazon wants to have your name on the invoice as well your address matching the address Amazon has on file.

In many cases sellers are unable to proof Amazon that’s they are selling authentic items, this can lead in many cases to lifetime seller suspension.

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Amazon is suspending sellers for all kind of reasons, some are minor offenses some are very serious. We believe Amazon should give sellers only for the most serious violations a lifetime ban.

For smaller offenses, there should be a time on the length of the suspension. It’s not fair for many sellers to be excluded for life from the most important online marketplace globally.

We all make mistakes and in the end, we learn in most cases from our mistakes. It would be more than fair if Amazon would allow us to learn from our missteps as well.

There are many Amazon accounts, which have been suspended based on false evidence or by sellers who are trying to get rid of their competition.

Amazon does a very poor job in how they handle appeals. There is no fair review of the evidence provided. Sometimes it appears that Amazon is using very generic email templates to reply to inquiries.

Dealing with Amazon’s seller support can be a very frustrating experience, especially if you account has been suspended. It can take weeks in some cases to get a reply.

Sometimes Amazon does not even share the reason for the suspension with sellers.

All this would not be an issue if Amazon would be one of many online marketplaces. However, the issue is that Amazon has a virtual monopoly on e-commerce. Many shoppers don’t even go to Google anymore to find a product, they go straight to Amazon.

Amazon is abusing his monopoly in e-commerce and should be held accountable for their actions.

They only way to find a fair solution to all those suspended Amazon sellers would be if the government steps in and regulates how Amazon conducts business.

Amazon should not be in charge of writing the laws on e-commerce. All tech companies especially Facebook, Google, and Amazon got so big that they have a way to much power.

Even those companies are acting like they are ‘good companies’ in the end all they want is as much as data from our lives so they can monetize it.

If your Amazon account has been suspended, leave a comment below and share your store with us.